Meat Jerky Co Packer List / 80 Companies/ 20 Questions/ Where to Sell

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Meat Jerky Co-Packer List / 80 Companies/ 20 Questions/ Where to Sell. 

This list has over 80 Companies that offer meat processing, Jerky packaging, Co-packing services, private labeling! I would recommend you call as many as possible to see which one will be the right fit and can offer the production you need. All processing companies are not the same and offer many services that will vary.

This list also has 20 questions you should ask your co-packer to get a better understanding of deadlines, production, costs and more. So if you're new to the business you don't have to brainstorm questions!

Lastly, I give you a few tips for WHERE to sell and get started and why some venues are better than others and even online

Sales just in the U.S. alone annually have increased 4.5% year over Year. This year sales will exceed $2.8 BILLION ( with a BIG B).