Specialty Food Consulting 1 Hour One on One

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If you are ready to take the first steps to creating a food product but not sure where to start maybe One on One consulting is for you ! I can show you where you need to start, and what it will take to get your food product on shelves ! With over 14 years in food retail and nearly 10 years selling food ( my own brand) online to over 15 countries I have ALL the experience you need to make your product sell !

What makes me so sure well this is what I have done with my brand:

  1. created a food brand consisting of over 400 items private labeled and sold on Etsy, Ebay, amazon , Amazon FBA, Amazon international, and The Brittle Box Candy Company site !
  2. Created from scratch all selling platform stores self taught and created listings for over 650 items 
  3. Created packaging, labeling, for full lines of mu food , snack products.
  4. Have Sold Over $100,000.00 dollars of product on Etsy, and selling professionally for nearly 8 years and 4,000 transactions.
  5. Selling professionally on Amazon since 2014 and shipped nearly 27,000 orders in just 3 years. Since selling online I have shipped nearly 375,000 orders worldwide !
  6. Have over 50 active items in Amazon FBA ALL are private labeled. 
  7. Have sold my candy in retail stores like Fresh markets, and other retailers 
  8. Have consulted and helped over 12 companies develop and bring to market their products from juice companies to condiments products, Hot sauces, Cookie, and cracker companies and more.

Once you decide to order this 1 hour consulting I will contact you via email to set up the phone consultation. We can discuss where you are in the developing of your product and create a plan to implement the steps needed TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT TO THE MASSES !