Email Consulting program Monthly Plan

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Do you have questions about starting your own Food business? Starting from home? Starting online Selling food? Creating packaging, labeling, insurance incorporating, and more? 

Well, you now can get access to Damian monthly through our Email Consulting program!

His One-hour calls are $125.00 for one hour how would you like to have help for a month at a time! for just $75.00? ( we also have discounts for 3 months and 6 months) Read below!

You can also choose just one month if you need 30 days worth of help! Or sign up for the renewal every 30 days auto renew!


Well, you sign up and each month you send and receive email correspondence directly from Damian within 48 hours! Have a couple of questions and don't have time to talk to him through his 1 HOUR CONSULTING CALLS? no problem email him!

Does he really answer the emails himself? YES, this is actually why we allow for 48 hrs to respond. Due to the volume of emails, he gets it may take "up to" 48 hrs. Many emails get answered within 1 day. But please allow up to 48 hrs. 

What if I need links to websites or direction on a certain topic?

No worries he will give you advice and answer your questions as well as additional resources for your specific questions!

Can I send more than one email? YES. But each one will get a separate response within 48 hrs!

Can I cancel after the first month? Yes. If you have a just a few questions and it takes 1 month no problem just cancel. Note once you order a month and consulting has begun with his response you have the full month of 30days. You can not cancel after sending a few emails and getting advice then canceling you can stop or cancel the following month just let us know!

Do you offer discounts for multiple months? Yes we do 

3 Months prepay Discount and 6 Months Discount. This will renew in intervals of 3 and 6  months!