Chocolate Co-Packer List and Questions you need to ask them !

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This is a list of co-packers that can help your private label and co-pack your chocolate candies. I have compiled this list to help you save time trying  to find a specific company that offers chocolate co-packing. If you have an idea for a chocolate or have been making your own chocolate and would like a company to take over the "production " end of it than this list and / the bonus questions will get you off to a great start.

The list is an instant download so you can get right to finding the co-packer that will fit your needs. Remember you don't need to find a co-packer in your state. Co-packers can work with you form another state so that won't hold you up. Go through the list of questions I have created what I know to be the most important questions to get an idea of the co-packers ability to meet your production needs!