Co - Packer List and Questions To Ask :STATE OF NEW YORK

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Co-Packer List and Questions To Ask : STATE OF NEW YORK  

Are you looking for a co-packer for your food product in the state of NEW YORK, and need a list of questions to ask to make sure they are the right fit. 

This list has nearly 3 dozen co-packers in a variety of food types and provides full contact info and additional list of the "need to know" questions. I have compiled these questions to help you save time and money and make sure the co-packer is the right fit for you and your products.

THE 20 ESSENTIAL Questions that are  important to ask your co packer to begin building that relationship!

many of these companies also do "small" runs. This means they have smaller minimums for food production. I have researched these and they may from time to time be active or not. At the writing of this list, they are active and running.