Co- Packer MASTER LIST with Hundreds of Co Packers and 10 Questions to ASK !!

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What is the Co Packer master list a "STATE BY STATE" List put together to save you your time and money! Why ? because it can be a huge challenge finding the right Co -Packer and when this is a new en devour it can be hard to figure out "What do I ask a co packer?" once I find one .

You will get a list of hundreds of co packers arranged by state and a list of 10 questions to help you get the conversation started and find out what exactly the co packer you want to deal with can do for you !

It is a digital efile once you buy it you download and all set ! Start looking for the right one from our list !

Remember if you can not find the right co packer within your state not a problem!

It can be a great help by finding one local but you ca still work with one in another state !