Food Product Development Consulting Monthly Email Consulting Program

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Food Product Development Consulting Monthly Email Consulting Program. If you are looking at understanding the process of food product development and need help in any aspect of the stages to get your food product on the shelves, online, or wholesaling than this consulting package is for you. You will get assistance in developing your product in the following ways:

    label creation packaging
  • assistance how are you going to package it?
  • nutritional analysis where can I get a nutritional analysis done?
  • where can I source ingredients?
  • co-packer private labeling is this right for you?
  • should you sell online or retail ? or wholesale?
  • do you have a logo
  • where do I get incorporated? What kind of filing should I make 

This is a email consulting program  one month for just $69.99 getting direct consulting answers from Damian ( he answers all emails himself) unlike so many companies that have a "coach" answer you will get direct access to him ! Once you start the program you will get a list of questions to find out where you are in the process and then you and Damian will work one on one via email correspondence!  

Each email is answered within 48 hrs. Due to the volume of companies, he works with each email will get a response within this time period. Most are answered within 24 hrs , but a 48 hr window is sometimes needed.