Marketing Food Online Consulting 6 Months

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Welcome to my 6 month email consulting you are about to purchase 6 month email consulting to help you develop your food product . What can my consulting do for you ?

I have over 25 years in retail experience BEFORE opening my family  bakery where we hand made over 40 cookies, Pastries, Gelato Ice cream hand made Breads, Panini Sandwiches, catered local events, and more . I then transitioned our business online Started selling just 12 items on an Ebay store then growing our offering of hand made products to over 400 ! Selling online to 15 countries with sells over $500,000 dollars in a short period of time. I created our company site, developing every aspect for it from photos of our products, their descriptions, tags, SEO, social media accounts , and selling on ETSY, AMAZON, EBAY, AND OUR CORPORATE SITE ! We have sold to retail stores , wholesale, catered over 600 events, and more !  

  1. Develop your recipe if you are looking to mass produce your product I can tell you whether it is a right fit for mass production, tweek your recipe or help you rewrite a new one !
  2. Packaging: package design do you know how large to package your product to make it appealing to retailers ? are you looking to sell online ? what package should you use plastic, glass, bags, boxes ? what quantity to pack your case packs ?
  3. online sales how do I start online ? where should you sell first?
  4. What kind of license do you need? what kind of Insurance is food insurance? is their a min. insurance ? 
  5. How and where do I get nutritional info for my products ?
  6. How to create a social media presence around YOUR product ?
  7. How much does it cost to start a food business ?
  8. Where can I get labels? should I make them ? 
  9. Where do I go for a logo? 
  10.       any many many more topics I will help you along the way !                                                                              Guidelines for email consulting : 

Each email WILL be answered within 48 HRS please keep this in mind due to the number of subscribers . I answer ALL emails individually so I ask you give me 48 hrs to respond. If you email me on a Friday I will answer on the following Monday . I do answer emails over the weekend. If you have ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS SERVICE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT MARKETINGFOODONLINE@YAHOO.COM