Nutrition Facts Label 1 Single Product Label

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Nutrition Facts Label 1 Single Product Label. We simply use your recipe and create an FDA compliant nutrition facts label to use for your food product! These can be applied to your food product for retail sale, Amazon selling, Online Ecommerce!

3 FDA label styles that are acceptable for application to your "sized" package. You will get a PDF file that will allow you to apply to the formatting to your label! 

What do we need from you to create your label?

Recipe ( we use your recipe to enter the portions of ingredients into the software). Also, all information from your recipes is kept secure with Marketing Food Online. We use your recipe for label generation only!

Suggested Servicing size. How big of a single serving is each portion of your product?

Lastly the number of servings per unit. How many servings will your package have?

and that's it! Once we are sent the information above we get to work on your label creation, and within 1-6 business days we send back a readily formatted label!

We also offer bulk discounts see our page for Nutritional facts labels. We can make 20-2,000, and you get discounts.