Service Advertising Service Product Mention and Contact Information

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Service Advertising Service Product Mention and contacts! This is an affordable alternative to sponsoring an entire video! How does it work?

I create a video discussing a topic that is directly reltated to your service or product, and in the end of the video, I plug" promote" your compny specifically with the name and contcat info for all our susbcribers to see. ALSO in the description section of the video, we will add all your contact information, name of your company, website, phone number. This is ULTRA important because once the video is made all 4,000 subscribers will see the info, and the new subscribers will also see your video and contact! and for $89 dollars for the promotional mention to just the 4,000 subscribers we have that is only 0.02 Cents per subscriber and as NEW subscribers come on board your advertising cost goes down, even more, making it extremely affordable for your business to reach thousands of potential customers!

You can also gain business from our Social media marketing EVERY video gets sent to all our social media sites which has over 46,000 average monthly viewership! AND we will link the video directly to our MARKETING FOOD ONLINE BLOG, AND SITE AS WELL!