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The Ultimate Resource Guide Seminar


Do you want to create a food business? or a food product, and not sure where to incorporate, find packaging, information on the food business?

Have you always dreamed of starting a food business, but not sure of what questions you  NEED answers to? 

I have brought together resources to answer all these questions and more. I show you the businesses, and companies I personally have used for years and explain WHY these are important to get you started in the right direction! in addition to the video seminar I will work directly with you one on one for 3 FULL MONTHS! To walk you through the process and give you my advice directly!

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This is the Ultimate list of Companies resources and Consulting I have put together! These sites have taken nearly 10 years to accumulate and bring together ( they are not just sites I use they are the sites that offer services and products I have found to be the best pricing for any food start up) . From starting a Food business to where to go for :

* How to incorporate 

* What type of Insurance

* How to get a food product nutritional information for your label 

* Networking with other food producers

* Shipping your products 

* supplies for a commercial kitchen 

* where to buy THE best labels and best pricing for labeling your product.

* and so Much MORE !


Once ordered and downloaded refund will not be given after 24 hrs and services rendered once consulting starts no refunds are given as you will have received the video and started consulting services. Please be aware before you order this product and service.