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 Video Sponsorship on Marketing Food Online

Welcome to Marketing Food Online, the ultimate YouTube channel dedicated to food business startups and entrepreneurs! From home-based food businesses to food trucks and e-commerce, we cover everything in between. We are excited to offer an exclusive video sponsorship package designed to give your brand unparalleled exposure across multiple platforms.

What You Get with Our Video Sponsorship:

  1. 1 Video Sponsorship:

    • Your brand will be featured in both the intro and outro of a dedicated video.
  2. Multi-Platform Podcast Distribution:

    • The sponsored video will be uploaded as a podcast across 10 platforms, reaching a growing audience with over 120,000 downloads and counting.
  3. LinkedIn Exposure:

    • The video will be shared via an article to our network of over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, including a link back to the YouTube video.
  4. Facebook Group Posting:

    • The video will be posted in our Facebook groups, with over 13,000 engaged members.
  5. Pinterest Promotion:

    • Your sponsored video will be shared on Pinterest, where we garner over 180,000 monthly views.
  6. Global YouTube Reach:

    • Our channel is viewed in 50 countries, has over 9.5 million total views, 145,000 subscribers, and averages 150,000 views per month.
  7. Cross-Posting on Additional Channels:

    • The video will also be cross-posted on our three additional channels: Food Trucks, Home-Based Food Businesses, and Marketing Food Online 2.
  8. Blog Post Feature:

    • The video will be transformed into a blog post on, complete with external links to your product or service.


  • $385.00 per video with a commitment of 3 videos, totaling $1,155.00.
  • $350.00 per video with a minimum of 5 videos, totaling $1,750.00.

Why Choose Frequent Sponsorship? Frequent sponsorship enhances brand recognition and credibility, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Consistent exposure across our diverse and engaged audience leads to better brand recall and customer trust compared to a single video sponsorship.

Ideal Companies and Services for Sponsorship:

  1. Food Truck Builders
  2. Food Truck Equipment Suppliers
  3. Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers
  4. Food Packaging Solutions
  5. E-commerce Platforms
  6. Payment Processing Solutions
  7. Marketing Agencies
  8. Business Insurance Providers
  9. Food Safety and Compliance Software
  10. Delivery and Logistics Companies
  11. Food Ingredient Suppliers
  12. Online Business Formation Services
  13. Digital Marketing Tools
  14. Website Hosting Services
  15. Social Media Management Tools
  16. POS Systems
  17. Catering Supplies
  18. Food Photography Services
  19. Culinary Schools
  20. Franchise Opportunities

Partner with Marketing Food Online and leverage our extensive reach and engagement to propel your brand to new heights. Contact us today to secure your sponsorship and take advantage of this comprehensive promotional package!