5 Alternatives to a Commercial Kitchen

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5 Alternatives to a Commercial Kitchen


Commercial kitchens provide a convenient space for food service. They are often licensed to handle food and inspected by the the local health department. They are usually pretty hard to secure and even then, they may be overcrowded.


Here are 5 alternatives you can use instead of a commercial kitchen:


  • Retirement community Centers: It may sound out of the ordinary, but these facilities have unoccupied kitchen. You can visit a center and explain your need to use their kitchen space. There is a nice set up with everything you need to work with.



  • Churches: Most churches have prep kitchens they make meals for churchgoers and thee community. You can always rent out the space at a church with their permission. This way you get a lot more space to work with and avoid worrying about crowds.


  • Universities or public schools: On weekends especially, these facilities come in handy. These kitchens are licensed and fully inspected, so they are more than qualified for use. You can always rent out these kitchen spaces for a few hours at a time.


  • Restaurants or local coffee shops: You can ask owners to rent out their space and use their kitchen. This can be done on off hours or even while they are open, and the kitchen is unoccupied.

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After school programs: There are usually large kitchen spaces available where instructors make food and snacks for the kids. You can consult with an afterschool program to see if they offer renting for the kitchen Listen to "Marketing Food Online Food Entrepreneur" on Spreaker.