Nearly 10 Years ago my wife and I started an Italian Bakery. We were tired of working for someone else when we both knew we were capable of starting something ( but honestly not sure at first what that would be).So with a ton of faith and DESIRE to make this work no matter what we decided to rent a small retail space for $500.00 a month, and would have to repair it, paint it, and put some life into this space. 


From this experience selling Cookies, Pastry, Gelato ice cream, Sandwiches and more we decided to go online and offer a few items, and from there that is when it took off!

Marketing Food Online is the brain child of Damian Roberti the founder and owner of The brittle Box Candy Company! Damian  Started a long time ago ( 30 plus years) in retail Food Business. He graduated with a degree in Marketing and eventually opened a successful Italian bakery/Deli with his wife Silvia ! 

They left the world of retail and ventured out together into the Food business. Starting from scratch they remolded and fixed up a retail Bakery and deli on their own ! Growing a selection of cookies, pastries, Gelato Ice cream, handmade bread, Panini Sandwiches, and more. From that experience, Damian wanted to reach  MANY more customers so he started an Ebay store selling just 12 items ....12 assorted cookies! From their there store grew to offer Hand made Candy, Cookies, Cakes,  Brittle, Cake balls, Chocolate Pretzels and nearly 400 items!

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Damian then started an Etsy shop nearly 7 years later sales surpassed $100,000.00 on Etsy alone! Then Damian Opened an Amazon store, then The Brittle Box candy Company site, and nearly 10 years later 15 countries, and sales well into the 6 figures he decided to teach!

After teaching himself SEO, Website creation, Social Media, online marketing, and numerous other aspects of Ecommerce he now offers FREE advice to all his YouTube subscribers about how to start from and develop into a commercial facility selling online to the world !

This is where the idea for Marketing Food Online comes in! Bringing not only years of experience to his subscribers BUT resources all in one place ! Resource videos , Articles , Blogs and more . 

Marketing Food Online is the Premiere Source for all information to help you start your food business and understand and navigate the world of food business. From co -packer lists, FDA labeling requirements, Sourcing food and much more !

Thank you for stopping by and ask us for help we are here for your Business and want YOU to succeed !


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