Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

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Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups



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Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups
Ideas for Catering Menus
When you initially get started in the catering industry, one of the first things you should do is come up with some ideas for your catering menu. You can take your catering business to the next level and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers by providing recipes that are unique to your business. Consider using our list of catering menu ideas as a guide in order to develop a varied menu that can accommodate a wide range of customers.

When Choosing Recipes for Catering, There Are Many Factors to Consider

You need to give careful consideration to the numerous factors that can play a role in making your choice before deciding which recipes to include in your menu. Depending on the recipes that you select, everything from your spending limit to the amount of time needed to have your employees ready for service can shift. We have compiled a list of the most typical factors that have an impact on the menu that you select for catering below:




Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

Availability of Ingredients: Some unusual recipes and ingredient pairings may be excellent for your palette, but they may not be available within your price range. Foods that are fresh, unusual, or otherwise rare can be very expensive. In some cases, they may also need to be imported and ordered far in advance. This is an additional investment as well as a time commitment, both of which have the potential to cut into earnings and raise the amount that the client must pay each plate.

Cost per Serving: When calculating the cost per dish, keep in mind that the consumer is the one in charge. If customers want a rare or pricey ingredient, you should accommodate their wishes and make any necessary price modifications based on the menu changes that have been made clear from the beginning. If a customer is searching for a less expensive spread, they should look through our recipes area to identify foods that can be made on a budget yet still satisfy a large group of people.



In-Kitchen Effort Certain dishes call for significantly more time and focus in the kitchen than others. When producing huge quantities of specific items in advance, you could need additional workers in order to maintain the freshness of the foods, which will drive up your costs. When selecting a recipe, it is important to take into account the amount of time required for preparation, cooking, and plating so that you can pick one that works best with your available time and kitchen setup.

Traditional Menu Suggestions for Caterers

four course meal
While there are some recipes that have stood the test of time, it is becoming increasingly usual for companies, event planners, and other businesses of a similar nature to look for a novel approach to give their gatherings a competitive edge. While it is essential to have a strong emphasis on reliable standbys, it is also necessary to provide unusual meals on your menu so that you may bring pizzazz to any event. The following recipes will put your catering company's adventurous and bold tastes in the spotlight by introducing a new spin on some old favorites and offering a fresh take on certain classic dishes.

Make sure the following categories are represented on your menu in order to establish a selection of catering options that are all-inclusive:
Salads, Soups, & Sides
Ideas for Appetizers



Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

A delicious combination of traditional cheese puffs and savory French onion soup is the perfect way to get the evening off to a good start. A wonderful pocket-sized pastry that is ideal for pre-dinner nibbling, French onion gruyere puffs are made by combining sweet caramelized onions, melted gruyere, and buttery dough with a kick of mustard.

Salad Ideas

You didn't believe it was possible for anything to be more delicious than the classic combo of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil, did you? You've got yourself a salad that will steal the show if you include some other dish that people love, like stuffed mushrooms. The salad course is transformed into the main attraction when it is accompanied by the nutty quinoa, the fresh pesto, and the roasted pine nuts that are featured in the caprice salad quinoa filled portabellas. Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

Ideas for Soup

There is nothing that quite compares to a steaming cup of chicken noodle soup made by one's mother, but Thai chicken soup made with coconut milk stands out from the crowd. This dish, which features flavorful ginger, creamy coconut milk, and rice noodles, is likely to generate a lot of interest in your company.

Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

Side Ideas

It's common knowledge that mashed potatoes are a standard side dish, but when you make chipotle mashed potatoes with red potatoes, fiery chipotles, crisp scallions, and zesty adobo, your side dish will be anything from routine! A winning combination combines spicy jalapeño poppers with creamy comfort food. This combination is sure to be a hit.

Ideas for Main Dishes

Plated Meat Courses

Glazed skirt steak fajitas are a great way to spice up the classic combination of steak and potatoes while also adding a splash of color to your next catered event. These are great for entertaining a large group of people; you can plate them nicely or allow your guests customize their own at an event that is set up as a buffet by providing roasted sweet peppers and onions, chunky salsa made with tomato and cilantro, salty queso fresco cheese, and sour cream. The flavor of these fajitas will stay with your guests long after the celebration is over, no matter how you slice it.

Dishes Made with Poultry

How can you improve upon the classic roasted chicken dish that features browned skin that is crispy and vegetables that are tender? The chipotle-maple glaze adds an extra layer of complexity to the turkey. The tantalizing aroma of this entrée, together with its balanced combination of sweet and spicy flavors, is certain to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Entrées made with Seafood

Salmon is an old favorite that every chef should have in their arsenal; however, you shouldn't serve it in the same old boring way every time. To make an impression that won't soon be forgotten, serve silky pasta with tastes reminiscent of spaghetti carbonara and salmon that has been pan-seared. The guests will undoubtedly take something away with them to recall the Bavette dish that was prepared with salmon, asparagus, and peas in a pesto cream sauce.

Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

Vegetarian Entrees

Increasing the number of eco-friendly menu options on your catering business's website will help you attract more customers, but coming up with inventive recipes that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians can be challenging at times. Everyone will be satisfied with lasagna topped with bechamel sauce. The vibrant aromas of sweet potato and subtle flavors of cauliflower mix to create a meal that is unparalleled in its category.

strawberries dipped in black-tie chocolate and covereed in strawberries

Dessert Ideas

Any meal can be finished off with chocolate-covered strawberries for a quick and satisfying dessert, but this tuxedo-inspired take on the dessert is sure to elevate the look of any formal event. Using these black-tie strawberries as part of your dessert presentation is a great way to give your events an air of extravagance and sophistication. This clever ruse will get kudos for inventiveness on the part of your firm, and your guests will adore it.

How to Develop Recipes for Catering Services

Create some one-of-a-kind dishes to showcase on your catering menu in order to set yourself apart from the competition. This will enable you to create a unique catering experience for your visitors that they will not be able to obtain anywhere else. The process of developing a dish for your catering menu can be broken down into four simple steps, each of which is presented in more detail below.

Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

1. Experiment With Different Flavors

Experimenting in the kitchen with your own signature flavor combinations with herbs, spices, and other ingredients is the first thing you should do while developing a recipe. When crafting your masterpieces, make use of regional and seasonal components whenever possible; but, don't forget to take the precautions essential to preventing others from replicating your recipes.

2. Use a Time-Tested Recipe as Your Foundation

The next thing you should do is look at different recipes that already exist to get ideas. If you wanted to make a novel kind of cookie, for instance, you should start by selecting a standard group of baking components to use as the foundation of your recipe. We have supplied a sample cookie recipe for your perusal down below:

Once you have determined a recipe, you should get rid of any components that aren't absolutely necessary for the manufacture of the substance. In this scenario, you would continue to use the flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, and leavening agent from the original recipe.

Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

3. Mix the Ingredients Together and Season With Your Own Choices

Make a decision about whether you want to prepare a dish that is sweet or savory, and then add fresh flavors to it so that it is distinctive to you. Take into consideration the following components, which complement one another nicely in every recipe:

4. Give Your Presentations a Facelift

If you are concerned about deviating from tried-and-true recipes, one strategy to consider is to reinterpret a classic dish in an interesting manner. To give plated goods a new look, you can give them a new shape by cutting them into a certain shape, adding garnishes, or stacking objects in a different formation. You would be surprised how much of a difference even minute adjustments to the presentation can make to the overall appeal of your dish.
Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

Our list of catering menu ideas is intended to be of assistance to you in a number of different ways, whether you are merely seeking for ideas to enhance your current menu or require precise guidance on how to build your own dishes. Make use of the advice that was provided above to develop an attractive and unique menu that will leave your patrons wanting more.