Cottage Food Sales Limits the Best States to Sell Food From Home!

Posted by Damian Roberti on

So if you're looking to start a home base Food business under the cottage food laws that you can definitely make a lot of money there is a link down below to a website that will show you every States limits sales limits what you can make whether or not you need licenses and permits and everything else in between before we get to that you want to make sure that you understand what Cottage food laws are there is only a limited amount in certain types of food that are allowed to be made at home and sold plus each state will dictate what is needed on each label of the product where you can sell your cottage food how much you can cell whether or not you need to have inspections or not and some states you do you'll have to have the health department come in and inspect your kitchen or the area that you're going to prep and make your products in other states there are zero licenses there's zero business licenses there 0 permits but in other states you may have to have a food Handler's Permit card taking a course online through this program only about 20 to $25 to do it is something you'll have to do only once so if you're wanting to know what states have unlimited amount of sales check out this link




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