Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers

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Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers




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 Walmart's Third-Party Marketplace Vendors

You may choose from millions of products when you shop on thanks to the cooperation that we have with the merchants on our Marketplace. This implies that you have access to more brands and a greater assortment of options.


Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers

Only eligible businesses will have the opportunity to sell their products on the Walmart Marketplace. We use a comprehensive screening process and examine the seller's catalog, operations, and other company information, among other things, to guarantee that they are capable of providing the same lot of experience to each and every one of our consumers.

When you buy something from a seller through Walmart's online marketplace, you go through the same safe checkout process and make just one payment as you do when you buy something from Walmart
Your payment will be processed by us, and Walmart will not disclose any of your financial information to Marketplace merchants.

The following are the responsibilities of sellers on a marketplace:

Taking care of your order and providing support for it, including delivery and handling, customer service, exchanges, and returns.



Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers

Contact the Marketplace seller directly if you have any queries or issues regarding a product that you bought from them or an order that you placed through the Marketplace. Walmart will assist you in resolving any issues that you have with a Marketplace seller if you are unable to do it on your own in accordance with the Walmart Marketplace Promise.

Guarantee for the Walmart Marketplace

Even though you are buying at the most reputable online marketplace, there is still a possibility that something could go wrong. When you buy things that are shipped and sold by third-party sellers on, you can shop with confidence thanks to the Walmart Marketplace Promise.

The following are examples of situations where the Walmart Marketplace Promise applies:

You have not gotten the item even though it has been at least three days from the date it was originally estimated for delivery.
You have up to ninety days from the most recent date that was estimated for delivery of the item you purchased to submit a refund request in accordance with the Walmart Marketplace Promise.
The item has not yet been delivered to the address listed on your order, according to the tracking information for your delivery.
You were disappointed to receive things that did not match the description, yet the seller did not accept your return.
After forty-eight hours have passed, the seller has not yet issued you a refund despite the fact that you have returned the item and provided a mechanism to trace it.
Because the return was the result of the vendor's error, the seller was responsible for paying the cost of the return shipping fees.


Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers

It's possible that Walmart will get in touch with the seller and give them the chance to make things right. The buyer will give the seller a period of time of forty-eight hours to support a satisfactory resolution. Walmart will intervene and establish the appropriate solution, which will be regarded as conclusive, in the event that the settlement that was provided is unsatisfactory.



Does Walmart allow Independent Sellers


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