food truck commissary requirements

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Food truck commissary requirements

Benefits of a Food Truck Commissary

Although some local regulations compel food truck operators to use commissary kitchens, many prefer to do so even if it is not mandated. Here are some further advantages of employing a commissary kitchen:

More Room for Equipment - More space means more room for equipment. Most food trucks only have a few pieces of equipment in their kitchens, whereas commissary kitchens include a wide range of equipments and devices.
A commissary kitchen can provide a central area to prep your food and split it for each vehicle if you have many food trucks or carts. Look for a commissary kitchen that is nearby to your consumers as well as highways and major roadways.

Food truck commissary requirements

Some commissary kitchens may supply particular facilities for your food truck, such as water and grease disposal, which are required to comply with health code restrictions.
Commissary kitchens have access to a range of commercial equipment items, whereas food trucks have restricted room. If your food truck requires specialist equipment such as waffle machines, smokers, or woks, double-check that the kitchen has them before signing a contract.
Parking - Commissary kitchens that provide overnight parking are especially important in cities where it is required. If the kitchen has parking, inquire as to whether it is covered or open, as well as how safe it is.

Food truck commissary requirements

Storage — No matter how perfectly you plan your food truck's arrangement, you'll only have so much room. Before you choose a commissary, find out how much storage space, including refrigerated space, you'll get. When looking for a shared kitchen, this is especially important because the storage space is divided among numerous parties.
Meals trucks must prepare their food and/or park their food trucks overnight at a commissary kitchen in several towns. Most big cities have food truck laws and restrictions, so check your local ordinances to be sure you're following the standards in your region.

Food truck commissary requirements

Additional Perks — Some commissary kitchens have a mechanic on staff who can conduct vehicle maintenance, which is beneficial if you aren't handy with tools. Others may have a manager who can assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork to get your truck inspected and brought up to code. Commissary kitchens may also help you connect with people who can help you be hired for parties and events.


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