How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?

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How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?




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 Homemade cookies are the best way to convey holiday cheer, especially if you want to celebrate the season with distant friends or family. How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?
     However, there are a few crucial factors to take into account before you start baking and assembling your cookie trays. In order for you to successfully pack and transport your sweet treats, we have put together a list of useful suggestions.

Ways to Send Cookies



How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?

Let's speak about the logistics of actual mailing the cookies before we discuss how you should package them.

Before you begin, think about your budget so that you can determine the amount of cookies and box size that would best fit your needs. Baking baked goods and sending them to loved ones might get expensive. Cookies can be shipped for $10 to $30 per package; you should pick a delivery option that gives your recipient a few extra days to enjoy the cookies while they're still at their freshest.

Consider sending cookies early if you want to avoid shipping delays during the holidays. When transporting cookies, like with everything perishable, time is of the essence. A weekend delivery delay may also result from sending packages at this time.

Tips for Picking the Best Cookies for Shipping
Select a robust cookie.




How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?

A more robust and dense cookie will travel better than a fragile one, which could shatter and disintegrate in transit. Choose chewy chocolate chip cookies, or sprinkle biscotti, oatmeal raisin, and gingerbread cookies on top of thin and crispy cookies. Blondies and brownies are examples of bar cookies that often travel well.

Don't use delicate decorations or fillings.

Jams and curds are heavy fillings that are not recommended for shipment since they will soften the cookie and make them more brittle. Additionally, there's a danger that ooey fillings will squirm out and make a mess in your cookies tray. Instead, think about baking an iced or glazed cookie; just make sure it is totally dry before wrapping. Additionally, if a recipe instructs you to sprinkle confectioners' sugar on top, omit this step. The melting and absorption of powdered sugar into your cookies could hasten their expiration.

Excellent Cookies for Mailing

How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?

How to Separate Flavors When Shipping Cookies

Keep the various flavors of cookies separate if you choose to send several distinct cookie variations. As an example, chocolate and peppermint are two flavors and fragrances that blend well with one another. Similarly, keep cookies devoid of allergens like nuts or gluten apart from cookies that contain those allergens. To achieve this, carefully wrap each cookie (or even groups of two) in plastic wrap. This will not only keep the cookies safe but also nicely separate them.

Consider chilling it before mailing it.

Prior to packaging and shipping, freeze your cookies so that they will defrost during transit and arrive even fresher than at room temperature. Make sure your cookies are completely cool before wrapping and sending if you don't have time to freeze them.

How to Pick the Best Shipping Containers and Packing Supplies



How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?

It's crucial to neatly wrap your cookies after they have baked and cooled. We've discovered that plastic wrap works best for keeping cookies, though small zippered bags will also work. Place larger, heavier cookies on the bottom of a sturdy, rigid box or cookie pan, followed by smaller, lighter cookies. Line the bottom of the container with cushioning material (such as some crumpled parchment paper). For further security, you can sandwich each cookie with a sheet of wax or parchment paper.

Fill up Any Holes Around the Cookies to Prevent Sliding.

Before choosing a box or tin, think about how many cookies you want to send. As movement leads to breakage and crumbling, you want to ensure that they fit snugly without having much room to move. Fill in any empty spaces in your tin with additional padding, and then add more padding around the tin in your shipping box for added security. For this, we love using crinkle paper packaging; it is readily available at most craft stores and recyclable.


How much does it cost to mail a package of cookies?