How to make money at concession stand: How do you make a successful concession stand?

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How to make money at concession stand: How do you make a successful concession stand?






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How to make money at concession stand

Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your Concession Stand

It takes a lot of labor to operate and manage a concession stand during game days, fundraisers, and other school activities. Utilize these 12 suggestions to make the most out of your concession stand or booth and increase revenue for your school.

1. Purchase your own concessions supplies instead than renting them! Use concession stands (sno cones, popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, etc.) for a variety of school activities, such as athletic competitions, senior parties that last all night, and orientation.





How to make money at concession stand

How to make money at concession stand
2. Instead of selling paper products, sell reusable containers like plastic stadium cups and popcorn megaphones. Sell them for more money (and profit). These spirit mementos are sure to please fans.

3. Maintain your concessions equipment properly to avoid having to pay for replacements or repairs.






How to make money at concession stand

4. To encourage spectators to purchase, use portable food containers or placards that you may put into the stands.

5. Control your pricing and inventories. To prevent food from being thrown out at the conclusion of the night or event, lower the price of slow-moving food or candies or provide specials.





How to make money at concession stand
6. Pick meals that can be easily transformed.

Purchases will be discouraged by long lineups. Make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job!

7. Pick the ideal spot. Concession stands should be placed in a prominent area with lots of foot traffic (at field entrances, near restrooms, or near certain landmarks). You earn more money the more people see you.





8. Bear your storage demands in mind. When keeping non-perishables, use caution. Some storage locations might not be ideal for preserving chocolate. Likewise, verify the expiration dates. You don't want the weather to cause you to lose inventory.

9. Offer wholesome eating options. Each person has unique tastes. Provide healthy options including yogurt, granola bars, dried fruit, almonds, and other drinks. You can only increase your profitability by satisfying everyone's taste buds.





10. Maintain a spotless concession booth. If your stand is unkempt and unpleasant, customers might not return several times. For idle moments, keep rags, cleaner, a broom and dustpan, and basic cleaning items on hand.





How to make money at concession stand

How to make money at concession stand

11. Keep everything orderly by using sign-up papers. You will experience financial loss if your concession stand is never manned. Make a schedule and sign-up sheets to guarantee that there is always employment available.

12. Let volunteers know how much you value them. It takes a lot of labor to run a concession booth for school activities. With acknowledgment presents, you may keep your volunteers motivated to continue their service. You won't be as successful if there is no one to manage the business. How to make money at concession stand



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