Mobile Food Business in San Diego California

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With so many people looking for work and may of  them loving food and wondering how to start a small investment food business from scratch ...well here's an idea. If your from San Diego California and want to start a Mobile food business here is a few tips. 

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The Food and Housing Division (FHD) of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is responsible for regulating more than 12,000 retail food businesses in the County of San Diego, including over 1200 mobile food facilities. FHD’s Food Safety Program implements an excerpt of the Health and Safety Code, the California Retail Food Code, to protect the County’s more than 3.1 million residents and 15 million of overnight visitors. FHD implements its Food Safety Program in the whole County and routinely inspects the mobile food facilities operating in the 18 cities and the unincorporated area.


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Safe food management practices are of utmost importance in a mobile food facility. Practicing food safety helps operators prepare and serve food in a wholesome manner that protects the customer’s health. It is everybody’s responsibility to be safe food handlers and help reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness. The Food Safety Program is designed to reduce risk factors that contribute to food borne illness.


This booklet will provide mobile food facility operators with a basic understanding of the principles of public health and food safety. It will also explain the food safety inspection process, including the report used to evaluate and grade mobile food facilities. The information in this guide will provide operators with the necessary tools to look at their food handling practices and identify opportunities to improve all aspects of their food handling process, including preparation, storage, transportation and service. The types of mobile food facilities inspected by FHD include: coffee carts, shaved ice carts, tamales carts, hotdog carts, produce trucks, ice cream trucks, lunch trucks and gourmet trucks. When mobile food facilities apply for their Health Permit, along with their permit application, they are required to submit written operating procedures.

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Following these procedures helps them conduct their food operations safely. The type of vehicle and its food preparation equipment determine the type of food handling operators are allowed to conduct under their mobile food facility Health Permit. In this document we will discuss the permit requirements for the different types of mobile food facilities and provide the information you need to successfully incorporate food safety practices into your operations.

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