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In this article, I will be discussing a term which not all you might be familiar with. Those of you who have anything to do with selling at Amazon and get paid after the two weeks period is over, this is definitely the article you need to read! Okay, how many of you have heard about PayAbility? Very few. Yup, I thought so.




For those of you who are unaware of how things work at Amazon, They basically have a two weeks delay window before you get paid for what you are selling at Amazon. That is how it works. For a small business where cash flow is extremely important for its growth,  you can not afford to get your cash stuck for two weeks. This is where PayAbility comes to the rescue. They basically make sure you are getting paid on a daily basis by eradicating the two weeks delay policy. All they do is charge you a small percentage i.e 2%. Yes, 2% and that's all. Also, if you are not satisfied with the service or have an issue with the 2% deduction, you can simply cancel the service and go back to your old 2 weeks routine.


Now coming to some of the benefits of getting cash every day. Like I have mentioned above, cash is extremely important to a small business’s growth and waiting for weeks before you get hold of your cash is damaging for your growing business. Hence, cash availability is important. With PayAbility it is made easy for you. Let’s say you have made sales of $100 on Monday. After the 2% deduction, you will get rest $80 of your sales, on a Tuesday morning around 8 30 am. Then you are just a click away from transferring your cash to your bank account. Simple.  I believe, 2% is a small service fee to pay for getting access conveniently to your earned cash every day.


Another important factor to be considered is that often when you sell products or services, let’s say there are cases when you need to refund the money, or you have to pay additional charges or any similar scenario. To keep you covered in such circumstances, 20% of the total sales is kept to keep you covered, but once the two weeks window has ended that 20% is released. That is Amazon and not always PayAbility.


Moving on, How can you sign up for PayAbility? Its very simple, absolutely nothing technical. So, there are 3 things, first is PayAbility does not only facilitate you in your Amazon sales but can be used for any other similar platforms. Second, you create an account and let them know that you want their services for your Amazon or any other account. You give your information and connect your Payability account to your Amazon account. Once, they have access o your Amazon account, they get your financial information and develop a procedure according to your financial dealings. Lastly, you get paid! Yes, its that simple. After you have provided all the information and connected your accounts, they process the information and usually, it takes around 24 hours for the entire procedure.


P.S: All the information provided in the article is based on my personal experience. They often vary from person to person. So, you might want to research a bit before you sign up for it.

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