What happens if you don't exercise on keto diet: STOP Keto/Paleo or Intense Exercise – Burn Fat and Get Shredded

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 What happens if you don't exercise on keto diet?

 Dr. Berg emphasizes the importance of timing and timing of meals for weight reduction and fat burning in this video. He stresses the importance of insulin, saying that reducing insulin levels might cause the body to shift its focus from fat storage to fat burning. In order to increase fat burning, he recommends cutting down on carbs.

Dr. Berg explains why insulin resistance is to blame for why some individuals have a harder time losing weight than others. He says that increased carbohydrate consumption and frequent meals contribute to insulin resistance, which affects around 70% of the population. He suggests that those with insulin resistance cut down on carbohydrates and try intermittent fasting.








He says that the V Shred program is ineffective for everyone except the few who can lose weight by cutting less on junk food and processed sugar. He thinks that in order to see benefits, most individuals will have to fast.

Dr. Berg stresses that the goals of weight reduction should include improving health and aesthetics. He suggests the Healthy Keto® diet (which emphasizes cutting down on carbohydrates while simultaneously elevating the quality of your dietary intake) in combination with intermittent fasting and appropriate physical activity, What happens if you don't exercise on keto diet:






Dr. Berg practices chiropractic medicine and has written extensively on the topics of ketosis and IF. He runs Dr. Berg Nutritionals® and wrote the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, What happens if you don't exercise on keto diet:

In light of the video, here are some questions to ponder:

When it comes to losing weight, how does insulin resistance play a role, and how can it be controlled?
When it comes to losing weight and increasing your metabolism, how important is nutrition and meal timing?
Is there any research on the pros and cons of Dr. Berg's suggested Healthy Keto® diet with intermittent fasting?