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Can You Sell Homemade Food Online

Posted by Damian Roberti on

Damian from Marketing Food Online and in this podcast we will cover two specific questions:. Can you sell homemade food products online and can I cook at home and sell them? The one thing you have to understand about selling food from home is this:. Number one, it's going to fall under what's known as the Cottage Food Laws, but more specifically, what you want to understand is that you've got to define what you mean by homemade food. If you're selling a homemade food product from your home, you can't ship it out of the state of Texas under the Cottage Food Laws.

So the trick becomes this. Do you create a website and then have a disclaimer on there that says, "Look, we are a home-based food business," and that we are under the cottage food laws? Now this is going to allow you to sell this product. But if you were out of, let's say, Texas, we do not ship our products out  of the state. Some states in California even have a license A, I believe, and a license B to sell directly to retailers and even restaurants.

You can cook products at home and you can sell them, but that's going to be a localized business. California has a really good cottage food law where they allow you under that specific B, B licensing to sell that product to another third party. There are a couple of other states that allow you to sell locally, even outside of farmer's markets. To verify this for your state, go to Google and type in "Cottage Food Law" and then the specific state that you're in. So if you're in Texas, you know, Cottage Food Law Texas, Cottage Food Law Florida, or whatever it may be.

You can definitely sell homemade food products online, but it's a little bit trickier than you may think. Some states will allow you to, if you've got the space, you can build a separate building. You'd have to check with the county and see where you live to do this.

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