What is the Cheapest Way to Start a Food Truck

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How to keep your food truck expenditures to a minimum.


Instead of having a large number of menu items that all require distinct ingredients, go for a smaller number of meals that share some of the same vegetables, proteins, and spices. This, together with keeping to seasonal goods, lowers your food truck's prices and waste. You'll be able to tell which things are the most and least popular if you keep a careful eye on your inventory.


Don't overspend at the supermarket: Err on the side of underbuying until you have a good idea of how much of each component you'll need. It's preferable to sell out on a particular day than to be stuck with spoiled and wasted ingredients. Even better, selling out generates interest.

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Asking for aid from family and friends when you're just starting out is a good idea. This isn't intended to be a long-term solution, but it may help you iron out the bugs and figure out how many employees you'll need at certain times.


Rent or purchase old equipment: A food truck business's initial expenditures can quickly spiral out of control, so avoid purchasing brand-new, top-of-the-line tools and devices. Until you figure out what you truly need, make do with secondhand or borrowed equipment (and you might find that you never need the most expensive stuff).


Launch your company in a cost-effective market:

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The cost of licenses and permissions varies greatly by city, as the Food Truck Index demonstrates. So, if you're not restricted by geography, consider beginning your business in a place with cheaper regulatory expenses and an underserved market. If you want to seek outside capital from a bank or an investor, create a business plan so you can track how the money will be used to expand your company. A business model canvas is also a useful tool for seeing how everything fits together. 
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Look into additional potentially lucrative prospects such as weddings, graduation celebrations, and late-night crowds outside clubs or music venues, rather than limiting your business to weekday lunch groups.

Buying in bulk with other food trucks is a good idea. Purchase key materials or supplies in bigger amounts with your fellow mobile restaurateurs to save money.

Build an audience on social media platforms by, for example, tweeting information like your location and hours each day and posting photos of your menu items (particularly daily specials) on Instagram and Facebook. Traditional advertising can be costly for small businesses, so embrace social media marketing.

Take good care of your vehicle: It may appear straightforward, but scheduling regular maintenance checks minimizes the probability of dealing with greater, more expensive problems in the future.
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Why wouldn't you shop about for airline tickets or cell phone service, and why wouldn't you do the same with your company's vendors? Look about for better deals, and if you discover them, switch providers or give them the chance to equal or beat that price.

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