Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023: What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's?

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What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's: Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023





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What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's: Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

 What menu items at Zaxby's have been eliminated?
Sandwich with chicken salad

You can immediately taste the difference between a Zaxby's chicken salad sandwich and other fast food chicken salads as you take your first bite. The crispness of the lettuce and the freshness of the tomato go incredibly well together on the lightly toasted honey wheat bread. Although it's difficult to say goodbye to such a mouthwatering sandwich, we have no doubt that Zaxby's will continue to wow us with their other offerings.

Garlic Rings

These perfectly battered and fried onion rings are served with Zestable dipping sauce, a zingy, zesty sauce that is ideal for dipping. They have, regrettably, been discontinued. One of my favorite things about the place was this.

Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023


Premium milkshakes from Zaxby were hand-blended and topped with whipped cream. Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cookie, and Banana Pudding were among the flavors. The shakes were a popular among restaurant patrons, but sadly they are no longer offered. It's unclear why the product was discontinued (weak sales?). For whatever reason, fans of the shakes will need to find another spot to indulge in dessert.






What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's: Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023
Do you have access to any discounts at Zaxby's?
Zaxby's does not currently provide any official discounts or coupon codes. They have nevertheless introduced a rewards program named "ZaxRewards." Every time you place an order online or in person, you receive points that may be redeemed for rewards of your choice after they have accumulated in a "Flavor Bank." For every dollar you spend at the restaurant, you earn ten of these ZaxRewards points.

Create an account on the Zaxby's app or website, place orders, rack up points, and use those points to redeem incentives to start taking advantage of Zaxby's rewards. With both in-store and online purchases, you receive incentives.

Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's: Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023
What are the most sought-after Zaxby's menu items?
No-Bone Wings

The Boneless Wings at Zaxby's come in three sizes: five, ten, and twenty, and they are unmatched. Every mouthful of the chicken pieces inside the crunchy coating will take your taste buds to the south. And with such a variety of sauces to choose from, each time you eat your order will be unique.


The ideal snack to sate your hunger is one solitary chicken strip nestled in a toasted baguette and covered in delectable Zax Sauce.






The Zalad House

By fusing conventional components with the zesty, delicious flavours of Zaxby, The House Zalad gives a distinctive take on the traditional salad. Every bite is a potpourri of flavor thanks to the inclusion of Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, fried onions, cheddar and Jack cheeses, mixed greens, red cabbage, and carrots. The salad comes with Texas toast on the side, and customers can choose between grilled, fried, or garden chicken.

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Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

Spicy Pickles

What is the new chicken sandwich at Zaxby's: Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

Customers like Zaxby's Fried Pickles, and they are so adored that nobody wants to share. People keep going back for it because of the crispy coating, the pickle, and the creamy Ranch sauce that comes with it. Dip your Zaxby's Fried Pickles in Zax sauce or spicy honey mustard for a little kick to spice them up.

What is the New Signature Sandwich from Zaxby's?
The breaded chicken filet in the Signature Sandwich is served on a potato bun with three sliced pickles and Zax Sauce on top. Delicious and easy!





To have crinkle cut fries and a Coca-Cola soft drink with the sandwich, you can order it as a meal. There is a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine at every Zaxby restaurant where you may choose from more than 100 unique flavors. This is Zaxby's response to the ongoing chicken sandwich battles between rivals.
Is there a Zaxby's secret menu?
There isn't currently an official hidden menu offered by Zaxby's. However, there are many delicious options on the usual menu. Mixing several sauces, including ranch, BBQ, honey mustard, and several hot kinds, can be entertaining.





Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

Join the plethora of flavor explorers by combining your own chosen ingredients with meals and sauces to create daring new combinations.

Are there any special diet menu options available?
Although Zaxby's may not be a popular choice for people seeking wholesome meals, there are still some options that are better for you than the others. Thankfully, Zaxby's provides a useful feature on their menu that shows the number of calories in each item, saving customers the time and effort of doing the calculations.

Zaxbys Menu UPDATED 2023

Some of the better dishes to order if you're watching your calories include the ones listed below.

140 calories in cole slaw
Texas toast in a basket is 450 calories.
330 calories in The Nibbler
Calories in Crinkle Fries: 330–850
Calories in The House Zalad: 410–700
Caloric range for the Cobb Zalad: 530–820
Who exactly is the menu at Zaxby's aimed at?
A highly specific target market is catered to by Zaxby's restaurant. The restaurant serves adults with above-average or high incomes who are between the ages of 18 and 45. This is clear through the menu options, the design, and the atmosphere as a whole. Zaxby's serves high-quality food that is produced with only the freshest ingredients. The menu offers a selection of foods, including decadent fare, that will appeal to the target market.



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