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Food Business Plan and How to Write One

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1. Make a business plan.Writing a business plan is the first and most critical step in beginning a food business. The following should be included in a food  business plan:Incorporate Your Food Business For FREE!! ( plus just state fee)GET OVER 1,000 FREE FOOD BUSINESS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE Your company's legal form. Do you operate as a solo proprietorship? Are you looking for a general partnership? Maybe a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)?Your idea for a restaurant. Are you planning to open a fast-casual restaurant? Is there a full-service restaurant and bar on the premises? Or how about a food truck?Your branding,...

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How do I Start a Small Food Business

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Here on Marketing Food Online, I'm going to ask you six things you should ask yourself before you start a food business. These are six questions that I've found myself asking over the years, whether it's on a little scale, in a cottage food setting inside your home, or if it's maybe wanting to step directly into a commercial facility and mass producing a food product. The first thing you should do is calculate out how much money you'll need to get started. How much dedication are you willing to go in order to achieve your goals? If you don't...

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Which Food Business is Most Profitable

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Christopher from the Marketing Food Online Team is here to help you brainstorm your own food business. Number three, the food business, A food kiosk business is an idea that demands a minimum capital commitment with the opportunity for rapid growth built right in. A food truck business is a restaurant on wheels and serves clients from a truck, van or trailer. Grocery stores are often called "supermarkets," grocery stores are the go-to suppliers for a home's food needs. Online grocery stores are fantastic resources for many products, making them significant local resources.

A grocery store owner should understand food extremely well, and they should have a love for delivering the best food around town. Number seven, food business idea: Hot sauce business. Number eight on our list is an ice cream shop. International grocery stores, also known as international food stores, sell foreign foods. International food operators are typically deli lovers, bakers, and cafe owners.

Number 10 on our list of food business ideas is making and selling jam and jelly businesses. Olive oil shops carry a wide range of premium olive oils, olive oil-based goods, and gourmet foods. Meals-to-go firms create and transport home-cooked meals to busy consumers. If your passion is food, then any one of these 15 different food-related business ideas could be the dream business for a foodie. Number 14: Hire personal chefs to cook a variety of delicious and healthy meals.

The spice industry is the 15th best food business idea. People who understand how spices affect the flavor of food will succeed in this field.

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How to Run a Facebook ad for an Etsy Shop

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If you have an Etsy shop and you're looking for a way to promote it on Facebook but you're not really familiar with how to boost an actual listing or create an ad for Facebook, I'm gon na show you step-by-step right here on the computer exactly how you can run one. And we're going to hop into that right now. There's a couple, about three steps to what I'm about to do. When it comes to food, it's a little different than if you were just selling some USB drives. So what you want to do is pull up your listing on Etsy.

Now, this specific video is going to be about Etsy and promoting on Facebook and Pinterest. And I'm going to show you in a separate video exactly how you can promote your Etsy shop by promoting a pin. If you don't have a specific Facebook page set up for your food business or even your own Etsy shop, you need to create a Facebook page. I've been on Etsy since 2011, and I've sold over $100,000 worth of products. I'll actually do another video explaining how you can really, really easily and simplistically set up a page and start promoting your products.

When you hashtag certain catchphrases or certain groups of words, you'll get a lot of exposure as well. When I do promotions, if I do any Facebook ads, they're actually on there. So here it is, let me go down. There we go. Here is our page.

So now you can see it's on Etsy, right? If you're going to sell products online, be aware of the states that you sell to the most. I actually have the most chocolate pretzel rods sold in New Jersey. Men don't really click on a lot of the links, so I'm not going to waste my time trying to target men for certain food products. California, Florida, New Jersey, and New York are the four states that I get the most business from.

The more precise you are about who you're targeting, the more chances are you're going to get engagement and then sell product. So how do we narrow that down? If you're just starting out, you need to run a few ads to get some of the information. Damian: So I don't want the ad to go in so many directions that it's not associated with what I'm selling. He says he doesn't want to reach out to 40 million people because it doesn't mean they're going to buy it.

How much do you want to learn in five days? How many people is that actually reaching? 1200 to 3500 people a day. Now, if you're doing this for the first and second, the first two times, five to seven days is good. You don't need to do it for 10 days, two weeks, or 30 days.

If I sell a thousand of these and I'm reaching 3500 people a day for six days, I just made $29,000, 29 grand and I spent $25 to get those people, right. On a low end if I don't do that and I get 500 of those people then let's see that's 1500, that's about yeah, 15 grand, I guess that would be. So that's how it works, very simple, and then just hit boost. You can promote your Etsy shop on Facebook for just a fraction of what you could spend anywhere else.

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How to Start a Spice Business from Home

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Some of the sites that I'm going to cover are going to offer free shipping and others don't. We're also going to go over some of the pros and cons of dealing with Alibaba, which is a great place to get spices from. If you can get free shipping, that's even better. Most of these spices are going to be best when you purchase them at about a five, 10 or 25 pound price point. Cardamon, cardamon is also one of the super unique spices that this website has.

Many of them may offer pretty good pricing for one pound. When you get to the 10 pound point, you're looking at about $5 a pound. The next one is Spiceology ( They have a variety of spices that are set in either 12 ounce or 64 ounce containers. When it comes to spices, though, you can buy them in bulk, however big you want, and put your own label on it. has some amazing spices that they offer. You can get 15 pounds of cinnamon sticks or 25 pounds of black peppercorns. Prices on these will vary depending on the type of spices you're looking to get. So next up, So now, If you want to start a spice business, you will need a large quantity of spice bottles and containers.

Alibaba is one of the better sites for bulk spices, in my opinion, that you can get brought in from outside the US. You can pick out any particular type of spice that you're looking for. Some suppliers are within the US as well. If you're just starting out, offers great bulk pricing on spices. You can get a five-pound bag of spices for about nine and a change a pound.

Next up, is a candy and snack business that also sells spices. If you're not in the business of making your own spices, you can resell them on sites like and You can buy a jar of Toni Chacheres, which is roughly equivalent to a 12-pack of spices, and sell it for about $2 and change. If you want to get into the reselling business, then you can purchase these products in bulk and sell them on E-bay or Amazon. You can buy individual spices and blend your own, or you can buy pre-made blends and simply put your name on them to save time.

Monterey Bay Spice Company has some really high quality spices on this website. Mount Hope Wholesale has spices in our blends as well. The only thing is that their pricing is a little bit on the higher side, in my opinion, for the product. But My Spice Sage is another great one as well. This is a great website because of the price point, but also because the selection is huge.

You can put this in a half-pound box and charge about 10 bucks a pound or 10 bucks for eight ounces. If you want to start an online spice business, if you want to sell spices on Amazon, you want to sell spices on eBay or Etsy, check them out as well.

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