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Want to be a part of our Business Directory? Listed on our website and promoted through ALL our Youtube videos. We have partnered with companies that can benefit our Youtube Subscribers and social media followers. Our Subscribers are new to the world of food business, and food product development so we created a list of businesses related to their needs ( your future customer). What kind of food businesses NEED to be listed? 

If you are a Food Packaging company, Logo designers, Food brokers, Food distributor, Commercial kitchen, Food Ingredients, Nutritional Analysis companies, Food Truck Equipment, Food truck Builders, and Any Business Related to building a food business, or product from the ground up!

Once you have joined our list each youtube video starting Feb 2020 and on will have a direct link to this listing and mentioned in each video. Below each video, there is a link in the description directly to this list. So every viewer and a new subscriber will have access directly to this directory. Also, All our social media is posted with this link to this page! Our average monthly viewership, and followers is 120,000 to 200,000. 

You can get 3 types of listings: Here is how it works.

Basic Listing yearly. $199.99


Gets a basic listing on the page including website name, phone, name of the business, and email. 

Advanced listing yearly. $225.99 



Gets all the above and "external link" of the website. This gives the customer the ability to "click" on your site from this page and go to your site. 

Premium Listing yearly. $349.99


Gets you all the above AND YOUR LOGO as the external link. This gives your brand more noticeable on the page and is an "active external link". So your business logo is the link to your website! ( these stand out more and get more activity due to the logo. Less than a DOLLAR A DAY!!
We do all the work, once you have chosen the level you want we will send you an email laying out the information for your level of ad. We will have your listing active within 24 HRS. 
Each order is for one year from the date of order, and you can renew each by ordering on your date from one year. We will send you an auto-reminder before the year is up for you to renew! 
If you have any questions about how this works email us at

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