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The Ultimate Resource Guide Seminar


Do you want to create a food business? or a food product, and not sure where to incorporate, find packaging, information on the food business?

Have you always dreamed of starting a food business, but not sure of what questions you  NEED answers to? 

I have brought together resources to answer all these questions and more. I show you the businesses, and companies I personally have used for years and explain WHY these are important to get you started in the right direction! in addition to the video seminar I will work directly with you one on one for 3 FULL MONTHS! To walk you through the process and give you my advice directly!

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This is the Ultimate list of Companies resources and Consulting I have put together! These sites have taken nearly 10 years to accumulate and bring together ( they are not just sites I use they are the sites that offer services and products I have found to be the best pricing for any food start up) . From starting a Food business to where to go for :

* How to incorporate 

* What type of Insurance

* How to get a food product nutritional information for your label 

* Networking with other food producers

* Shipping your products 

* supplies for a commercial kitchen 

* where to buy THE best labels and best pricing for labeling your product.

* and so Much MORE !