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Page Ad Program Promote your Food Business Product or Service. We are now offering an advertising special for all Businesses related to food business! 

You have an opportunity to tap into our 12,000 plus Food entrepreneurs from our YOUTUBE channel "MARKETING FOOD ONLINE". Here is how it works. Your product or service will get featured on our new Food business page on our website. With a clickable external link that will take a customer directly to your business from our site. You can control how long you want the listing up with our month to month feature or discounted rate for prepaying for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Better yet this page will be placed on EVERY YOUTUBE VIDEO published starting in the month of July 2019! That means every subscriber ( 12,000 plus) and a very NEW subscriber will have access to your service/product. The link is placed in the description section of EVERY video! This gives the subscriber instant access to the page and to your service, and we will promote the link in the video itself!

Here are the Rates: 

Month to Month $225.00

3 months ( 10% Discount) $607.50 just $202.50 a month

6 months (15% Discount) $1,147.50 just $191.25 a month 

12 months (25% Discount) $2,025.00 just $168.75 a month.