Cottage Food Home Based Food Business Masterclass

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Do you want to start that Cottage Food BUsiness? Start making your food products FROM HOME, but not sure where to start? I put together a Seminar that is clear and concise and lays out STEP BY STEP what you need to do to make it happen.

Tired of working the 9 to 5? and always dreamed of starting a food business selling your candy, baked goods, or bottling that sauce that everyone says is delicious? 

I show you where to start how to find your states specific information online then how to get your local cities info for what you will need to ask the USDA or health department:

At last this seminar video which is just 40 minutes and is full of the information that you need to make it a reality. I walk through the websites and resources to get YOUR HOME BASED FOOD BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING. this is the info I wish someone had told me about nearly 11years ago when I started.

Can you picture it? You will have the convenience of making extra money using your already running kitchen! 

Here's the guide to get you to legally operate your business from home. 

What does this video cover?

  1. Where to find the need information from your state about home based food business.
  2. Do I need insurance and where do I get it?
  3. Where can I get ingredients cheaper? and packaging my products?
  4. How can I get a logo made on a budget?
  5. Labels for my food products?
  6. How and where do I incorporate my business?
  7. Do I have to have a certain license?
  8. and SO MUCH MORE.


Amazing video seminar in a condensed time-saving format, and that means I get to the point of giving you the information you need and nothing else!

Remember also check with your accountant the purchase of this informative seminar can be tax deductible as a business expense!