Creative Food package Design for your Food Business

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When you start out designing a food product package there are a few tips to think about when you start!

1. COLOR: make sure your colors are vibrant and "convey a happy feel. Why is this important? Studies have shown colors like Yellow, Blues, green is a color that conveys happiness. When you design your package make sure somewhere you utilize these shades.

2. SIZE: Make sure the size of your packaging is not "to big" some first-time food entrepreneurs make their packaging to large. When retailers allow a certain amount of space on the shelves you don't want that package to be too large.

3. PACKAGE: yes the type of package has a huge part to do with whether you will have a huge amount of damaged products or sell through the stock. When you think of the type of package think of what will NOT break. I have seen over the years thousands of units of food products get damage on their way to the store shelves. So if plastic or a material like it can be used instead of glass do it!


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