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Looking to drive sales of the food products you have on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or any other site? Well, let me introduce you to Facebook ads from Marketing Food Online! We know the food business, and know what kinds of budgets you have available when you start! When know ( because we have been there), but we want to help you grow your food business! That is what we have always been about. 

So if you are not familiar with the Facebook ads and how it can transform your business let me explain briefly what it has done for our candy company. 

Facebook ads allow you to target a specific group of people with specific interests. Those interests can be in candy, snacks, food, anything that would lend itself to buying a food product like YOURS! 

With the information Facebook has we help your food product gets displayed directly in front of those potential customers. 

We want to offer you our service at an affordable price to help small businesses like yours grow. When we started our candy business we had none of these options, but that is perfect because it allowed us to learn how all these works which bring us to YOU and now knowing the power this has to grow your product and give you exposure we offer this to you!



We take your product URL and post it to Marketing Food Online Facebook page, and from there we promote it to a specific group of customers. 

We will ask you a few questions to get to know just where and to whom you want this add to be presented. We work a budget out for your ad, and this is where we work together to determine the maximin spent on the budget and the time frame. From your questions, we then plan out who we can reach and who makes the most sense for your ads to appear in front of. 

We take your budget ( which is in addition to the fee we charge to handle the campaign) The campaign has a minimum of 3 months so the price you see for the service you get 3 months of our managing of the ads for you. 

Each month you get statistics to show you how the ad performed, and this will allow you to make adjustments to the campaign. 

EXAMPLE: you want to spend $30 dollars a month we will charge you $90 for your ads and our fee for your campaign total, and from there we start immediately getting the information we need to run the campaign and hit the start button.