Featured Food Product Promotion on Youtube SILVER PACKAGE

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You have a food product and want to be featured in a Youtube video for Marketing Food Online? We have a large and ever-growing community of food entrepreneurs like you! With an average of over 100,000 PLUS monthly followers/viewers on all our social media including our youtube channel. It makes perfect sense for you to be a part of this growing community. 

Here is what you get for your food product feature at the Silver Level:

One video with your product mentioned in the intro ( in the beginning of the video), and the outro ( at the end of the video a second time. You will also have a link in the description ( 1 single link to your product) on your website or selling platform ( a selling platform like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy etc.) 

Here is an example of how the intro feature works and would look( this is, of course, a sample).