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As per the email communications I Damian Roberti will produce a Youtube video on my youtube channel Marketing Food Online for NEXT Insurance. Agreeing to the contractual agreement via Next Insurance. Payment is agreed upon based on the below information from the contact.

The order total is $1,200.00 half ($600.00) to be paid upon first content draft and the other half $600.00 upon final delivery of completed video. There will be 2 invoices each stating the halfed amounts 1 ($600) and 2nd ($600.00)

Excerpt from NEXT agreement:

Payment Terms: Next will pay 50% of the above Fee upon receipt of the content draft and the remaining
50% of the above Fee following its approval of Deliverables (as defined below), and no later than 30 days
after acceptance of such Deliverables. The Fee paid hereunder shall be Talent’s sole consideration for the
provision of the Deliverables, and shall include all taxes, costs, expenses and payments which are required
to be paid with respect to such Deliverables and Talent’s services
I can create and edit and complete the video within 7-10 business days from ( finalized concept agreed upon by me and NEXT)  meeting with NEXT to work with them as per the contract to discuss talking points and any details they wish to have in the video. I can only guarantee the dates of delivery based on NEXT approval of the final concept which will allow me to then film, edit and complete the video they do have also 2 revisions as per the contract agreemnt as well.