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Do you want to sell or promote your food business or food product on Facebook, but not sure how to run a Facebook campaign or how to un adds to sell more of your food?

Let a freelancer from FIVERR help! I have used Fiverr myself for over a dozen types of freelanced jobs and have always had a great experience. 

Let a Facebook expert run or guide you through the process for. Once you click the FIVERR button you will be sent to their direct page to choose the right price and freelancer for your food business. 

Once you link to the Fiverr site you can choose your pricing as well.  many gigs for Facebook ads start around $50 and up. Great pricing for anyone who is just starting with your food business and on a budget!

What to look for from a Fiverr freelancer? When choosing a Fiverr freelancer for your Food business look for the following:

  1. The number of gigs performed. Try to find one who has alot of gis completed. this shows they are serious about their service and will be a better choice.
  2. Look at the feedback from customers. How many do they have and are they positive? In the real world, not everyone will have 100% all the time. ( if you find someone who does to be honest I would question it!
  3. Are they able to complete with the gig within the time they promised? 


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