Amazon FBA Top 5 Best and Worst Food Products For Amazon FBA Program and Why

Posted by Damian Robert on

Amazon FBA Top 5 Best and Worst Foods for Amazon Fulfillment services


The Amazon FBA program enables customers to send their products to Amazon’s warehouse where they fulfill the food order for you, take care of the customer service and then ship it to the address that you provided them with. However, it is crucial to know that not every food product that you are going to order from Amazon’s FBA program is going to be fantastic. We have used Amazon fulfillment services a number of times and have ordered around 80-90 products from their FBA program. In this blog, I will discuss the top five best products that I would highly recommend you to order from Amazon FBA and top five worst products which you should never order from Amazon’s FBA program.



  1. NUTS

So the first food product that is great for Amazon fulfillment services is nuts. Any type of seasoned nut would make a great option for amazon fulfillment services since it can be put into a bag and won’t get damaged even if it is handled aggressively by the workers of Amazon’s warehouse. Other than this, it won’t hinder the quality of the nuts. Any kind of nut works well with amazons fulfillment services since they will remain safe inside the packaging. You can use a five mil polypropylene bag since they are better than canisters and are lighter in weight. Since Amazon FBA charges its customers a fee based on size, weight, and duration for which it is in the inventory, therefore, you should get these lightweight bags.

  1. TEA

If you are into making tea or run a tea business, then the tea is great food product for Amazon fulfillment services. You must be wondering why they make a great food product. Firstly, they come in a small packet size; therefore, they won’t weigh much and can be handled easily. Secondly, tea has a long shelf life since they are dry in nature.


Next up, we have a food product that is quite similar to tea. Yes, it is coffee. Since the temperature will not affect coffee in the warehouse, therefore, it is another great food item that you can order from Amazon fulfillment services. Coffee also has a long shelf life therefore it can sit in the warehouse for a long time, and its quality won’t be affected. Other than this coffee can be packed in different ways, so you don’t have to get a packaging that weighs more than a pound.



Next, we have spices. Personally, I am a huge fan of the spice business. There are a lot of advantages in starting a spice business. Since spice is a huge lucrative product, therefore, you can buy it in bulk for a cheap price, and when you break it down you will be making a lot of profit. For example, McCormick Spice Company is one of the most profitable spice businesses on the planet. Spices are lightweight, and they also have a huge shelf life. Other than this, they the quality of the product won’t be affected by the temperature. 


The last food product that I would highly recommend you to get from Amazon fulfillment services is granola. If you are thinking about starting a granola business then you should definitely get in touch with Amazon FBA program. There are many people who love granola; therefore, a granola business will experience a great profit. The best thing about putting granola in a warehouse is that its quality won’t get affected. Other than this, it is very lightweight and has a small size, therefore, it will be easy for the workers to handle it.


Everything has two sides; the good side and the bad side. Since we have already discussed the best products for Amazon fulfillment services, therefore now we are going to talk about the top five worst food products for amazon fulfilment services.


The first product that I think is not suitable for amazon fulfilment services is anything chocolate related. Even though I have a lot of chocolate-related products on Amazon, but I make sure to pack it with ice and then ship it so that the chocolate does not melt. Since the moving around and handling of products in an Amazon warehouse tends to get very aggressive therefore such an environment is not ideal for chocolate. Other than this, the temperature in a warehouse is not suitable for chocolate, and it may affect the quality of the chocolate. You must be wondering that regardless of all these factors there are many chocolate related products being sold on Amazon but let me tell you that the reviews of such products are mostly not good on Amazon. A lot of customers complain about the chocolate being melted, crushed or crumbled when they received the package.

  1. SODA

Another product that I won’t recommend you to send into Amazon FBA is soda. Since the packaging of soda is heavy and mostly there are six packs, 12 packs or 24 pack of soda therefore, the additional fees are definitely going to eat you up. It will get very expensive for you.


Another kind of products that I would not recommend you to send into Amazon fulfilment services is oversized food products. Oversized products are heavyweight; therefore, the Amazon FBA will be charging you extra fees. Don’t send family packs to their warehouses.


Just like chocolate, candies are also sensitive to change of temperature. The quality of candies such as M&Ms, skittles, etc. tends to be affected in warehouses; therefore, you should send such products to Amazon fulfillment services. Other than this, candies can’t sit for a long time in warehouses.


Last but not least, we have breakable food products. Many times customers complain about receiving broken food products; therefore you should not send breakable food products for amazon fulfillment services. Food products such as pretzels, biscuits, etc. tend to break easily due to the aggressive moving in warehouses and during the shipping process. Foods that can be squished, grabbed, crushed or anything of the same effect should not be sent to Amazon fulfillment services.