Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?

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Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?



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Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?

 How to Take Your Homemade Goods to Market in Alabama: An Overview of the State's Cottage Food Laws

Have you ever considered making money off of your culinary talents without having to leave your house? The Cottage Food Laws in Alabama may be the key to realizing this goal. This article will act as a primer to these statutes and their implications for your at-home catering company.

A definition of "Cabin Food Laws"

Cottage food laws are rules that make it possible for people to run commercial kitchens out of their homes. They encourage individual initiative by offering a place where people with a passion for cooking may sell their wares directly to customers.







Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?

An Overview of Alabama's Cottage Food Laws

Cottage food laws in Alabama allow for the making and selling of certain "non-hazardous" foods without the need for a commercial kitchen. Baked items, jams & jellies, dried herbs, candy, and more all fall within this category. Meat goods and canned vegetables, for example, pose greater dangers to consumers' health and are thus exempt from these regulations.

Details About Alabama's Cottage Food Regulations

Permits and Inspections: Running a cottage food company in Alabama does not need a permit or license, and neither will your kitchen be subject to inspections. Because of this, starting a food company from your home is less of a hassle.








Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?

Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?

Cottage food businesses in Alabama are subject to a sales quota. There will be a hard cap of \$20,000 per year on gross sales of cottage meals as of the end of September 2021, as far as I am aware. It is important to examine the applicable legislation since this limit is subject to change.

The Cottage Food Laws of Alabama require that any handmade food or drink be sold to the end user at the maker's residence. This might be done in a private residence, a public farmers market, or a formally sanctioned event. However, you are not allowed to sell your items online or have them sent to customers.

All of the products you offer for sale must accurately reflect their contents. A disclaimer saying that the food has not been examined by the health authority should also be included on the label, along with the name of the firm and the product. Can you sell food out of your house in Alabama?


It's possible to find success running a food company out of your house in Alabama. Learning the ins and outs of the state's Cottage Food Laws will help you turn your passion for the kitchen into a thriving local company. Don't forget that following all applicable rules and regulations is just as important as having stellar cooking talents if you want to succeed in this business.