Cheap Food Truck Equipment

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Cheap Food Truck Equipment


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 Mexican food truck names ideas

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Cheap Food Truck Equipment





Cheap Food Truck Equipment

 The next step after purchasing or leasing a food truck is to choose the type of equipment you wish to put in it. Contrary to food carts and other mobile food enterprises, food truck kitchens are spacious enough to accommodate a variety of equipment and supplies. You can be more inventive with how you set up your equipment and what you offer if you have more space.





It can be challenging to know how to launch a food truck and where to find the necessary supplies, whether your food truck currently has equipment or you're starting from scratch. You should make sure your food truck has all it needs in order to succeed. High-quality food truck equipment is crucial to your business. We have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you'll need to get your food truck ready for operation.
Everything you require for your food truck is available here.





Cheap Food Truck Equipment

1. Cooking utensils
When purchasing items for your food truck, you should plan to spend the majority of your money on cooking supplies. Purchasing used or outlet-sale cooking equipment rather than new is one approach to save money. To make the most of the available space in your food truck's kitchen, select a combination of countertop and full-size equipment. Give your most-used appliances more room, and leave the ones you use less frequently or for lesser quantities of food or on the counter. Cheap Food Truck Equipment
Here is our ranking of the essential kitchen tools for a food truck:





Griddle or Flat Top Grill: Great things to cook on a griddle or grill include pancakes, hamburgers, eggs, and veggies.
Range: A range can be used to pan fry, sauté, boil, and simmer anything from meat to sauces.
Charbroiler: You can give poultry, steaks, and veggies that "grilled" appearance and flavor by using a charbroiler.





Cheap Food Truck Equipment
Microwave: You may use a microwave to steam veggies or even heat up sides.
Toaster: With a toaster, you can toast bread to the ideal texture for sandwiches or breakfast items like bagels, waffles, and English muffins.
To brown the tops of meals like open-faced sandwiches and macaroni and cheese, use a saladander or cheese melter. Additionally, casseroles are a fantastic technique to quickly melt cheese.
Fryers: Popular meals like french fries, chicken tenders, and onion rings can be prepared in a fryer, which is a crucial component of many food trucks.
Exhaust Hood for Food Truck: To get rid of the hazardous grease vapors that are released by your other equipment, you need an exhaust hood for your food truck.

Cheap Food Truck Equipment





Cheap Food Truck Equipment

2. Warming and holding equipment
If you wish to maintain food at a safe temperature, you must have equipment for warming and keeping it. Warmers for food trucks keep you from becoming ill from tainted food and failing health inspections. Your menu items are kept at a comfortable temperature for your consumers using holding equipment.
To hold and keep your food warm, we advise using the following:





A countertop food warmer is a multipurpose piece of equipment that can maintain the proper temperature for dishes like pasta, veggies, and casseroles.
Use a fry dump station to keep your fries heated after they've been taken out of the fryer.
Soup Warmer or Kettle: Soup kettles maintain the heat of the soup until it is time to serve.

3. Kitchenware for food preparation
These will be some of the goods in your food truck that get the most use. Anything used to prepare food for cooking or serving is referred to as food prep equipment. What's on your menu will determine what you require.
Here are some ingredients you can start cooking with:





Cheap Food Truck Equipment

Cheap Food Truck Equipment

Stainless Steel Work Table: For more prep space, you might need a stainless steel work table depending on how your food truck's counter is configured.
Every kitchen needs cutting boards whether you want to dice, chop, or slice.
Knives and a Knife Rack: Investing in high-quality knives will save you money over time on replacement expenses, and the easiest way to keep them securely in a tiny kitchen is on a rack or roll.
In a skillet or frying pan, you can cook food via frying, sautéing, or even steaming.
Sauce pans: These are used to boil, simmer, and reduce sauces and broths.
Turners are an additional tool that can be used for a variety of foods, including burgers and veggies.
Thermometers: Use thermometers to check that all of your food is thoroughly cooked if you want your customers to be safe.
Food processor or blender: You can use a food processor or blender to prepare soups, salsas, sauces, and smoothies.
A French Fry Cutter will save you a lot of time if your food truck sells french fries.





4. Supplies for food trucks, Cheap Food Truck Equipment
You'll need to stock up on a lot of disposable serving items because your food truck will be serving customers who are on the run. If your truck doesn't have enough space to accommodate these items, you might have to shut your window for the day.
You can begin to assemble your collection with the following serving items:

No matter what you need to serve, always keep clean spoons, ladles, and tongs on hand.
Pump Condiment Dispenser: You can either put a pump condiment dispenser inside your truck so you can regulate how much people get, or you can put one outside your truck so customers can help themselves.
Squeeze bottles: You can use squeeze bottles to finish off your dishes or to allow your guests to add their own condiments.





Shakers of cheese, sugar, or spices can be used to sprinkle the appropriate toppings on your dishes.
Paper Food Trays: A traditional method of serving the main meal and sides from your food truck is on a paper food tray.
When serving platters or large servings, choose crockery made of paper, foam, or plastic.
Using paper or plastic cups allows you to serve beverages in cups rather than bottles or cans.

Cheap Food Truck Equipment

food truck needs plastic utensils, so make sure you have some on hand. They aid your guests in finishing their meals.
For those in a rush, take-out containers make it simple to take their food with them.
Customers can use portion cups to receive just the appropriate quantity of condiments for their dish.
Put a napkin dispenser outside your truck so that visitors can assist themselves. Paper Towels with a Dispenser
You may stay organized while you arrange orders by using guest checks or order forms.
Using disposable gloves allows you to handle food in a hygienic manner.
You can wrap ready-to-eat meals in aluminum or plastic food wrap, or you can use it to store ingredients for later use.

Cheap Food Truck Equipment
5. Equipment for Freezing
Your food truck needs refrigeration equipment to keep supplies fresh. You might want three refrigerators: one for drinks, one for your main food items, and one smaller one for condiments like sauces and toppings. There are numerous varieties of refrigeration equipment, so you can pick the one(s) that are most suitable for your food truck.
You might want to consider the following types of specialized refrigeration equipment:

Worktop or Undercounter Refrigerator? A worktop refrigerator, which doubles as a work table, is the better choice for a compact area.
Refrigerator for making sandwiches or salads: A sandwich or salad refrigerator features a refrigerated cabinet at the bottom, room for toppings pans on top, and a strip of prep area for assembling the food.
Pizza Prep Refrigerator: Sandwich prep refrigerators are similar to pizza prep refrigerators, however pizza prep refrigerators offer larger space, making it simpler to make pizzas.
Countertop Glass Door Refrigerator: A countertop glass door refrigerator is a terrific method to offer canned or bottled drinks in your food truck.
Undercounter Freezers: Because it doesn't take up much room and can contain frozen goods like ice cream, an undercounter freezer is the finest freezer for a food truck.





6. Cleaning supplies
Any company that wants to keep its area tidy must have janitorial supplies. You will use these tools every day to clean and maintain your food truck and its equipment. Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning tools on hand because it's crucial to maintain cleanliness and adhere to health regulations.
Get your food truck the cleaning supplies listed below:






A three-compartment sink is ideal for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes and small appliances if you have the space.
Hand Sink: Giving your staff access to a separate hand sink will motivate them to maintain cleanliness and ensure the safety of your food.
Anti-fatigue or Wet Area Floor Mats: These mats will help to protect you from slipping by cushioning the surface you stand on all day.
Sanitizing Chemicals: Dishes and surfaces can both be cleaned with certain chemicals.
You'll need scrubbers and sponges to keep your dishes and kitchen utensils clean.
Trash Can and Bags: To keep your trash area tidy, use a big trash can and lots of bags. Cheap Food Truck Equipment
Maintaining a clean food truck floor is simple with a broom and dustpan.




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