How profitable are ice cream trucks?

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How profitable are ice cream trucks?




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How profitable are ice cream trucks

 Here are the top five ways to make your ice cream truck more money.

Are you ready to start your business with the ice cream truck? When you run your own business, you are the boss, and being the boss takes discipline. You have to be determined and willing to get up every day and drive your truck, no matter how tired you are or what the weather is like.

It also takes a lot of creativity to keep coming up with ways to make money with your ice cream truck. We thought it would be helpful to tell you the top five ways to make money with your ice cream truck.






How profitable are ice cream trucks

Step 1: Start thinking like an entrepreneur!
How profitable are ice cream trucks
To be successful in any business, you need the determination to do your research, come up with a good business plan, and stick to it. Even when you are tired or it is very hot outside, you must be willing to go out and sell your ice cream.






Step 2: Collect the right tools and supplies. How profitable are ice cream trucks

To do well, you'll need the right tools, insurance, and other things. You'll also need to figure out how you'll get paid and have enough supplies on hand.

How to Pick an Ice Cream Truck
Of course, you'll need the truck. No matter where your business is parked, this is where it happens. When buying a truck, think about the safety features you need and take it for a test drive. You can buy or rent a truck. Look into both options to make the best choice for you. Trucks can be bought for between $12,000 and $22,000. If you rent an ice cream truck, it will cost you between \$1,400 and \$2,000 per month.
Getting the Right Insurance






How profitable are ice cream trucks
Your new ice cream truck business needs to have insurance. You need a commercial auto insurance policy that covers liability, physical damage, medical payments, and drivers who aren't insured or don't have enough insurance. You will be more protected if you have business owner's, personal liability, product liability, or general liability insurance. If you plan to hire someone, you will need Workers' Compensation and unemployment insurance.

Refrigeration System

How profitable are ice cream trucks

To keep your product at the right temperature, you'll need a refrigeration system. Before you choose a system, check with the health department in your area to see if there are any rules you need to follow. Most people choose to use a cold plate freezer.

System for selling things

Look for a POS system that was made for the mobile food industry when you're looking for one. It needs to be reliable so that you can keep the lines moving, and it needs to be able to track in real time so that you can make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information. Check to see if you can keep track of your stock and, of course, if you can take credit and debit cards.

Think about other point-of-sale (POS) systems like Square or Stripe, which offer multiple ways to pay, such as subscription models to help with recurring revenue.

Make sure to keep track of the fees, which could include transaction fees, monthly fees, and equipment fees. Depending on the store, these fees can quickly add up.
Also, make sure to read the contract carefully. Watch out for cancellation fees and long-term contracts that last longer than 1 or 2 years.
supplies for food service






How profitable are ice cream trucks
You'll have to be able to put your ice cream in cups and give your customers spoons and napkins. Make sure to buy spoons and napkins in large quantities to save money. Think about warehouse stores like Costco or distributors that sell to restaurants. You'll need to make sure that the price of each serving of ice cream takes these costs into account.

If you decide to brand your supplies, you should think about how much it will cost and raise your prices accordingly.

Step 3: Offer different kinds of ice cream.

Your market research will tell you what flavors and types of ice cream and ice cream treats to sell. Some things sell better with adults, while others do better with children. In recent years, people have paid more attention to health, so vegan and lactose-free products are likely to be in demand. Choose whether you will sell mostly frozen treats, scoop the ice cream into cups and cones, or sell soft serve or hard ice cream.

Step 4: Pick the right marketing plan

One of the most important things to think about for your ice cream truck business is how to market it. Marketing in a guerrilla style is the most cost-effective. This means you have to think outside the box but not forget the basics.

How profitable are ice cream trucks

One cheap way to market is to make sure customers come back, which means giving them high-quality, excellent service. If your customers aren't happy, you'll never be able to make money. This could be because you didn't give them a napkin with their ice cream cone or because you were having a bad day and were rude. If that was the first time they bought something from you, it could hurt you the next time you come to sell ice cream.

Some free ways to get the word out about your ice cream truck:

Build a group of people who follow you on social media and ask them to tell their friends about you.
Every day, post your schedule and menu on social media. Tell your customers about your deals and where they can find you every day.
Build your own website with tools like, Squarespace, or Wix.
Partner with bars, restaurants, or farmer's markets and make sure your truck is there for their customers on certain days and times. profitable are ice cream trucks

Make your own hashtag and post pictures of your ice cream truck, your employees, and events where your truck is present.





Step 5: Figure out how much money you could make and how much it will cost to run your ice cream truck. How profitable are ice cream trucks

If you get the right tools, have enough options, and keep marketing your business, you could end up with a great return on investment. The average ice cream truck makes about \$300 a day, which is more than \$5,000 a month.

You will have to pay for your ice cream truck, insurance for your music equipment, permits and licenses, and your initials. Expect to keep buying stock, gas for your ice cream truck, and everything else your customers need to enjoy their treats.





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