Does Starbucks have an NFT?

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Does Starbucks have an NFT?



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Does Starbucks have an NFT

 Selected people will be able to take part in Starbucks Odyssey "Journeys," which are a series of fun, interactive activities to earn collectible "Journey Stamps" (NFTs) and Odyssey Points that will give them access to exciting new benefits and experiences.





Starbucks will work with its customers and business partners to make the future of the experience together.

Does Starbucks have an NFT

Today, the first Starbucks Rewards members and partners (employees) in the U.S. got access to the beta version of Starbucks Odyssey. Starbucks Odyssey was announced for the first time in September 2022. It is an extension of Starbucks Rewards that is powered by Web3 technology and gives members access to exciting new benefits and experiences. Members of the experience can take part in a series of fun, interactive activities called "Journeys." Once a Journey is finished, members will get collectible "Journey Stamps" (NFTs) and Odyssey Points that will give them access to new benefits and unique coffee experiences they can't get anywhere else. Does Starbucks have an NFT





Starbucks is different from other brands in the Web3 space because it was one of the first companies to combine Web3 technology and NFTs with an industry-leading loyalty program on a large scale. It also bases the experience on coffee, connection, and community. Starbucks Odyssey is an experience with a digital community where people can meet, talk, and share how much they love coffee. Starbucks is using important parts of Web3 technology to come up with new ways to reward members. For example, members can own and collect digital stamps (NFTs) that give them access to the alluring world of coffee and unique Starbucks experiences.




Does Starbucks have an NFT

Does Starbucks have an NFT

Brady Brewer, Starbucks' executive vice president and chief marketing officer, said, "Starbucks has a long history of using new technology to innovate for our customers and make it easy for the general public to use."





Does Starbucks have an NFT

"We launched Starbucks Odyssey because we like to think outside the box and want to keep going above and beyond what our customers expect from us."

"Starbucks Rewards members are some of our most loyal and involved customers, and Starbucks Odyssey is our next big loyalty idea to thank, surprise, and delight them. We're using Web3 technology to find new ways to reward and connect with our members, like giving them collectible, ownable digital stamps and a new online community.




We're also giving them access to new benefits and immersive coffee experiences, both in person and online. With the beta launch, the Starbucks Odyssey journey has started, and Brewer said, "We're excited to work with our members and partners, who will help shape the Odyssey experience as we explore together."




Does Starbucks have an NFT

Does Starbucks have an NFT

In December, the first invitations were sent to a small group of people on the wait list and Starbucks partners. Starting in January 2023, more people on the wait list will start getting invitations every month.

Starbucks Odyssey Experience
Members of Starbucks Odyssey will be able to get into the beta experience with their Starbucks Rewards login. After logging in, members can take part in "Journeys," which are sets of activities that members can do together. You can take a virtual tour of the Starbucks coffee farm Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica, learn about the company's history through trivia, or play interactive games like Starbucks for Life, which is a customer favorite.



Does Starbucks have an NFT

There will be even more interactive Journeys in the future. Journey activities are fun ways to learn more about coffee, Starbucks' history, and pop culture. They also give you the chance to try out different coffees and drinks at Starbucks, which could help you find a new favorite. When a member finishes a Journey, they will get a "Journey Stamp," which is a collectible NFT based on a polygon, and bonus Points toward their overall Point total.





Does Starbucks have an NFT
As members collect Stamps, their total number of Points will go up, giving them access to unique benefits and experiences that can't be found anywhere else. There will be three levels of benefits and experiences that members can get.





At the highest level, the benefits and experiences will be the best and most unique. At the lower level, you could take a virtual class on how to make an espresso martini. At the higher levels, you could be invited to exclusive events at Starbucks Reserve® Roasteries or even go on a trip to the Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica.





Does Starbucks have an NFT

The first Journey Stamps are based on the long history and classic designs of Starbucks, such as its first location in Seattle's Pike Place Market and this year's "Gift-Wrapped Magic" holiday cup art and motif shapes.




Shortly after the beta launch, members will be able to buy and sell Starbucks Odyssey digital collectible Stamps with other members on the Starbucks Odyssey market, which is powered by Nifty Gateway. From the beta launch on, Polygon will be the blockchain for the whole experience.




The year 2023 Does Starbucks have an NFT
Participants in the Odyssey can buy Stamps directly with a credit card through the Starbucks Odyssey market, which is powered by Nifty Gateway. No cryptocurrency wallet or cryptocurrency will be needed. Each digital collectible Stamp that a member buys will come with a bonus number of Points. These Points can be used to get special benefits and experiences.




Early next year, members of the Starbucks Odyssey market will be able to buy one-of-a-kind "Limited-Edition Stamps" (NFTs). Designed by Starbucks partners, the Limited-Edition stamps will show a new side of Starbucks by combining images from its past, present, and future into beautiful, multi-layered works of art. Donations are made to causes that are important to Starbucks partners and Starbucks Rewards members when Limited-Edition Stamps are sold.




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