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I have a lot of my subscribers that are asking questions about getting started with an ecommerce business and if they start out with just a few items, does it even make sense to do it? Because there's so many ecommerce stores that offer a hundreds and hundreds of items. If you go on Ebay or if you go onto an Etsy or if you go on it, but you know, you only got a few items. Um, to tell you the truth, start with whatever it is that you have and wherever it is that you are in the process. Because once you get started, you'll get the momentum going. There is no company on the planet that started out selling a thousand items and their very first day, okay, that's not how Walmart grew.

That's not how any of these successful food entrepreneurs that started like the Mrs. Fields of the, of the world. Um, famous Amos cookies, they never started with a several hundred flavors or 50 or 60 flavors. They always started with just a few items. Okay? So keep that in mind. When you start any project in your life, no matter what it is, it's always going to start. Conceptually. It's going to start very small. You know you're going to think about, you know what, I've got a few items living. Get him at a shot. Let me get started.

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Now when you do that, keep in mind your objective is of course to grow. So if you are going into a certain type of food business or you're going into any type of business that you're starting out with and you don't know a lot about it, that is good.

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Okay? That is great because nobody has ever known everything about their industry when they first started it. Okay? So when you get into the momentum of getting a store up and running, and let's say you're on Ebay, you've got five or six items and you're just starting, getting started is always going to be the biggest challenge. It's not going and building and growing. The biggest challenges for so many people who get discouraged or even just not even start a project or even start a different endeavor is just by getting started. So if you've got a few items, it doesn't matter, post them, put them up. If you're starting out on Ebay or if you start on the Etsy and you've got five or six items, or even 10 or 12 put them up. Now, this empathy, this particular question was about what can I do to make my inventory look more appealing if I want it to offer more items.






So the idea of bundling packages, bundling products came to mind. So let's just say for instance, you've got 10 items, okay? Let's say it is a food item and you have it in 10 flavors, okay? Number one, posts your 10 items, okay? Get them up, then create bundles by bringing together maybe two items, right? Two flavors, but give, give, offer six packs of two specific are two different flavors, okay? So you've got three of one and you've got three have another. So now you've created an entirely new listing, okay? And you offering a much bigger price point and you're going to make much more money by obviously bringing together multiple products because your price points more. Okay? So number one, list what you have, okay? Now the second thing is bring together, get creative and take those 10 flavors and see how many different ways you can maybe pair them.





Okay? So then on your Ebay store or your Etsy store or even your own website, instead of having just 10 you could literally have hundreds or even maybe close to a hundred or more different listings because of the way that you are bringing together a variation of products. Okay? And now this is something that's been done all over the place. And if you actually go to Amazon, you will see that there is a ton of sellers including Amazon and and everybody, they love to bundle and package the multiples of six multiples of 12 it's sometimes it's the same item. Let's say you have an item that's cherry flavored. I'm just using this as an example. And you make strawberry and you make blueberry and you make raspberry. Okay. So now you could take that flavor of Cherry and offer it in a six pack and you sell it for let's say 49 99.



Okay. Then you take your strawberry, you do the same. You offer that. And again, you might have 49, 99 or 39.99. So now that single transactions is bringing you more money, more of a profit margin, and now you're making more. So now why don't you, uh, put all four of the flavors together. So now you've got a whole nother item. You bundled up the raspberry, the blue bird, strawberry, the cherry, or whatever it is, you bring them together. And again, now you've got a multipack with multiple flavors. There's, there's two or three different ways that that actually benefits you and the customer. Because if it's something that the customer's trying for the first time, then they've got four different flavors. They may not like all of them. They may like just one or maybe like two of them, but they get a chance to try them.

And now you've got your customer hooked on two of the flavors. So they're going to come back to your site and they're going to see that, oh my goodness, I love the cherry and strawberry flavors. And again, this is just an example. Okay, I love those two flavors, but they offer them now in a six pack. I love the cherry. I'm going to buy a six pack and I'm going to get six pack of strawberry. So now you've actually sold 12 items. You see where this is going. So take advantage of what you have and start with what you've got and move forward from there. Okay? No matter how few it may look like, there is always a way to expand upon what you already have. Okay? So by thinking outside the box, bringing together multiple products together, whether it's a different type of flavor or just a of multipack of six to 12 or 24 case of a single flavor or a single item, you increase your price point, you increase your profit margin on a single sale, and then you can also attract more customers.

Or you can start to bring customers in because they may prefer a certain flavor that you're offering. Again, this is a very basic example. If you're selling anything from a certain type of jam or Jelly or maybe a certain cracker or maybe cookies, whatever it is, you don't need to start off with a hundred items. Okay? You can start off with 10 if you don't have 10 you start off with five. Okay. And little by little add to it. The one thing I would highly recommend, one of the reasons why I have been successful over the past few years is because I am so passionate about what I do with food. I go online and I look for a lot of different types of foods, whether you've seen my videos on the super foods, I never would have thought of getting into selling that. I had no idea what it is. I, you know, until only recently, but it's a hugely niche type of product. It's something that could be paired up with a lot of other super foods and then it goes on from there. You talk about like, do we have a line of seasoned and flavored nuts? Now there's obviously there's like two or three dozen different types of nuts. Okay. And there's hundreds of different flavors of that you can add to those. So from taking just about a dozen flavors, I literally can create listings that's almost infinite because

you can make him the barbecue, you can make on and off. Again, this is just in general. So whatever you get you want to sell, it's a food product product.

I'm sure there is a hundred different ways to make it. As long as you can figure that out and then you bring them together in a bundle, then you can begin to offer multitudes of listings. So when a customer comes to your Ebay store, there'll be blown away because my God, this, this guy is offering, you know, a hundred different ways to do this, or he's got 300 items. Wow. You know, he's got a great selection. So they'll probably also end up picking up several other different items while you're there, they're looking for your product. So figure out, I see. The third thing I would do is figure out a, do a little research and find out about your specific type of niche, whatever it may be. Um, if you're not selling human food products, maybe you're selling pet food or you're selling the pet stacks. Think of how many different types of products that people buy for their pets.

And then you can begin to bundle it as an example. Uh, the pets wear collars and leashes and they have food bowls that are in so many different shapes and colors and sizes. There's pet treats, there's pet foods. Um, there is grooming supplies. You know, if you brought together seven different items, which is kind of almost like a gift basket in a sense, but not necessarily a decorative gift basket, but bringing together a multitude of those items. You could easily use a 79, 89 or $99 a transaction just with a handful of products. So do the research on what it is, what specific niche or what, what type of food product you're selling, and then find different ways to incorporate other products. And you may not even have to make them. I mean maybe you want to get into the business as you don't make anything, you just want to resell.

There is a, there's just an infinite amount of products out there that you can bring together. And I talked this about this briefly about uh, the, the gluten free products, sugar free, the diabetics, sugar free products. It is so easily to come up with a bundle a of a group of products together that it's, it's, it's almost endless. Okay. And somewhere in between all of that, you, you have the ability to make a margin. Trust me because I do it every day. So I hope that video helps you out and helps you understand that you don't need to start with an entire store like the size of Walmart or a gigantic store like you can still make money and you can still attract customers. Just get more creative with how you're packaging it and how you're presenting it. That's the key. Okay guys, oh, the video helps you out.

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