Food Truck Business Health Code Violations and how to Avoind Them Part 3

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Storage of tools and utensils incorrectly

Safe storage of kitchen equipment and utensils is equally as important as safe storage of food. To minimize cross-contamination, clean, sanitized instruments should be maintained appropriately. After sanitizing, utensils must be allowed to air dry, which necessitates storing them separately from other goods with adequate room for airflow all around them.


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What Are the Benefits of Proper Tool and Utensil Storage?

Because clean utensils can carry germs into food if they come into touch with filthy surfaces, proper tool and utensil storage is critical. Utensils must be air dried after being washed and sanitized. Failure to allow your equipment to air dry can result in retained moisture, which can stimulate the spread of bacteria.

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Mistakes in tool and utensil storage are common.

Keep the following typical tool and storage blunders in mind:

For storage, stack or lay clean cutting boards flat (cutting boards should be stored upright)
Clean chef knives should be kept in a drawer or container (chef knives should be stored in a knife holder)
Keeping "in use" utensils in a dipper well without access to flowing water is a good idea (dipper wells should have continuously running water to remove food particles)
Using a towel to dry plates and utensils (all dishes, tools, and utensils must be air dried)
How to Avoid a Storage Violation for Tools and Utensils

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Create an orderly kitchen with a dedicated place for each tool and utensil to prevent a probable storage violation. Make sure your dishwashing team understands the necessity of air drying and where all tools and utensils should be kept. To make storage as simple as possible, you might invest in shelf systems with tool organizers.