Food truck Business New York What do Health inspectors look for in Food Trucks

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 What is Typically reviewed during a Food Truck Health Inspection 

1.Controlling the temperature and the passage of time

One of the most critical parts of food safety is time and temperature management (also known as TTC). All items must be kept at food-safe temperatures for the right amount of time to follow time and temperature management guidelines. Hot foods, cold foods, raw foods, and prepared foods all fall within this category.

Why is it necessary to keep track of time and temperature?

Failure to keep track of time and temperature can lead to the growth of germs in your food and the spread of foodborne diseases. Inspectors will test a range of goods in your kitchen to ensure that they are being stored securely. Foods in hot or cold storage, goods on display at your buffet, and foods that are being reheated all fall under this category.

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Listen to "How to Start a Food Truck in Michigan" on Spreaker.

What are the common health code violations and how do you avoid them

Common Errors in Time and Temperature.

Health inspectors may be on the lookout for these frequent breaches in addition to monitoring food temperatures:

Frozen meats or fish placed on countertops to thaw (must be thawed in the refrigerator, in cold water, or in the microwave)
Foods or substances not in use that are left unattended (any foods taken out of cold storage must be prepped, cooked, or placed back in cold storage).
Foods that are time-controlled but do not have time or temperature labels (foods that are being served or displayed with no temperature control need to be labeled and monitored).
Items that have not been properly chilled (foods must be cooled using an approved method before being placed in cold storage).
How to Stay Away from a TTC Violation

The easiest approach to guarantee that meals are kept safely is to create a HACCP plan that identifies possible TTC breaches in your kitchen procedures. Teach your employees how to use thermometers properly, how to label groceries, and how to defrost frozen meals.

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