How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress?

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How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress?



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How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

How and where to easily tell if a seller on AliExpress is legit
It is important to choose the right seller on AliExpress if you want to have a good time shopping there.

So, in today's post, we'll give you some surefire ways to tell the difference between a trustworthy seller and one you should avoid.
Why is it important to buy from a seller you can trust?
You already know that AliExpress has millions of sellers and that you can find the same thing in many stores at once.
This is why it's not the same to buy something in a certain store. It's important to buy from a trustworthy seller to make sure the product is of good quality and will arrive on time and in good shape.





How to find a seller you can trust How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress
Look for stores that say "Top Brand" on the front.
This symbol of quality can only be found in the best stores on this marketplace. All of them have been checked by AliExpress and have very good ratings from buyers.
You can be sure that when you buy from these stores, you are buying directly from the brand or from an authorized distributor.
Since this is the case, it's hard to have problems when you shop at these kinds of stores. And if you do, you can be sure that the seller will answer right away to keep their good standing with AliExpress.

how many good reviews a store has,seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

AliExpress tells you how many positive reviews each store has based on what buyers have said. It's on the front page of the store:





The number of buyer ratings in the last six months is used to figure out this percentage.
We suggest that you only buy from stores with a percentage of at least 90% or close to it to make sure they are a good seller.
Detailed seller rating
This rating, which ranges from 1 to 5 stars (the closer to 5, the more trustworthy the seller), takes into account:
If the item is what it says it is.
Talk to the person selling the item.
How fast you ship.
By making sure of these three things, you can be sure that the seller doesn't usually mess up in some important way.

How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

How long the store has been open
Even though there are reliable new stores, it's best to buy from a store that has been around for a while so you know the seller has a lot of experience.  seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

How many people follow the store
You can also look at how many people are following a store.

Depending on the store's age, there are also stores with a small number of followers that can be trusted. However, it's always safer to buy from stores that have a lot of people following them so they can find out about their deals and news.
If they have so many followers, it must be because people have liked shopping with them, don't you think?

seller is trustworthy on AliExpress





How many people have bought an item and what they have said about it
It is also very important to read reviews from other buyers about each item you want to buy to make sure you will get a good one.
Many buyers also care about how the seller responds if something goes wrong with their order. This is important to avoid problems in the future.
How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress
If not many people buy an item, look at other things.
Even if the item you want hasn't been rated yet and hasn't sold much, that doesn't mean the seller isn't reliable.

You can always look at the reviews of other items in the store, look at how happy other customers are, or talk to the seller directly.
Getting in touch with the seller
We always tell people that if they have questions, they should talk to the seller.
How safe shopping is depends on how willing the seller is to answer any question. If a seller ignores you, it's best not to buy from them.





How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress

When it comes to expensive items, especially, it is up to the seller to make an effort to build trust with us.

We have already told you how to get in touch with an AliExpress seller in this article.
Tip: Look straight for things that have good reviews.
You should know that AliExpress searches for items based on their "Relevance" by default. It does this with the help of an algorithm that looks at how reliable the sellers are (among other things).
How do you know if a seller is trustworthy on AliExpress
You can also narrow down your search by sorting the items by which ones have the best ratings.

If you'd like AliExpress to narrow your searches to items with good reviews, type the item you're interested in into the search bar at the top of the page and then click the "4 stars or more" button.

This way, you'll always get the items with the highest ratings first, and you won't waste time getting rid of sellers.seller is trustworthy on AliExpress


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