How Food start ups are making their own Food Nutritional labels

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So you're ready to take the next step into creating your food packaged product. How do you get Nutritional labels made, but at a reasonable cost?





Marketing foot on online. So in this video, I'm going to answer a question that I've been asked a ton of times. And the question was, how do you create one of these? Yes. Your own nutritional facts label. So if you're creating a packaged food product, how do you get one of those made? Well, guess what? You could actually make one yourself and I'm going to show you in my laptop here, how to do it in the website. You can do it on, and we're going to jump into that right now. I saw here we are on

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The website. The recipe pal is the website I was just talking about in this website. I'm going to show you how you can create your own nutritional label. Okay. Um, and I'll have a link down in the description below this. That'll take you directly to recipe that you can sign up and go ahead and get started. I believe they also actually offer a, a sample recipe. So you can actually play around with the format of the software before you actually buy it. But to tell you the truth, the purchase price for these is absolutely fantastic. If you have a company do this for you, it is way more than what they're charging on this website. So it's a, I believe it's 1999 per recipe. If you want it to, or you can get it by the month. Um, if you've got more than one product, you may want to go with the monthly subscription, to be honest with you, because it's going to be more beneficial.

So recipes where you want to get started. So it says welcome to your kitchen now. Okay. Looking at my recipe on the side, you're going to enter your ingredient right now. We're going to start with the first ingredient on the recipe. It doesn't have to enter your quantity just yet. So if it's a cups worth of flour, don't do that just yet. Just enter the word flour. Okay. So we put flour. Okay. Now you'll see the dropdown menu show up here. Hit search first, because it's going to take you to this screen. This is the screen that's going to create the actual information needed for your, uh, nutritional label, a wheat flour right here. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose that. I'm going to add it to my recipe. Now here's the good stuff. So scroll down. Now, you're going to see here. This is where you have the ingredient. It's just going to give you a amount to start with, but you go ahead and enter your mouth. So let me look over here. Really quick, all purpose flowers. So two cups of flour. So what I'm going to do is you're going to select a unit. Okay? Now this is grams, gallons out a pound, et cetera. I'm going to stick with the cup because we've got two cups of flour enter.And it's going to give you the ability to make a multitude of these instead of just one at a time now, would that being said, let's jump right into it. Okay. So I'm actually going to use, I've got here on my office, one of our basic cookie recipes. Okay. Um, and what I'm going to do is it's just going to be a chocolate chip cookie recipe. And the reason why is I'm just going to do a basic example of how this works. Um, and you basically type in your recipe with the quantity of the ingredient and it spits out the nutritional value. It's pretty simple. So, well, let me show you how it works though. Okay. So number one, when you sign in, you're going to come to the page, part of the page right here, where it says recipe. So if you see me looking down, that's actually what I'm doing here.


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Now you see over here, the grams has already begun to calculate the grams. So two, one cups is 250 grams of flour. Okay. Let me get this out of my way here. Just a second. There we go. Not in my eyeballs. Okay. So we have the cups of flour there. So we want to add your next ingredient. So let's come back up here. So let's do our butter. Give it a second. You can do it without salt with solver. I'm gonna go ahead and just put salted butter and let's go ahead and scroll down here. So what you're going to do is search and you've got it here and it's got, by the way, it also has predetermined pre uh, calculating and pre added ingredients. So it's got a huge list of varieties. Okay? Because you type the word butter that could potentially be peanut butter, nut butter.

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So you want to specifically find the butter that you're looking for. Um, so then go ahead and add that to the recipe. And again, let's take a look. It's already added down here. Now I have a half a cup. So 0.5, because the size is based on the cup. I'm only gonna use half a full cup. So that's what I needed. Okay. We're moving along. Let's go ahead. I'm gonna go ahead and start just typing these in really quick and we can get started sugar granulated. Yes. Add it to the recipe and let's see you have a half a cup of sugar. So again, that'll be 0.5 cup of sugar. All right. So now we got vanilla extract and we have only two teaspoons. Alright. So again, this is where we change up a little bit teaspoons and you're going to have to, okay. All right. So let's add that.

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And now let's go ahead and add the last couple items. We need eggs whole yes, one whole egg. And this recipe only calls for one egg. So that's perfect. Alright. And once I get this done real quick, I'll, I'll explain what I'm doing. I'm trying to get this set up really quick for you. So we can go ahead and get the information for your baking soda. Yes. And the baking soda is half a teaspoon. So that is going to be let's scroll down, pure teaspoon, half a teaspoon. And let's add one more. I've only got a couple left here. There's the chocolate chips. So we've got the flour. We have the baking soda and the chocolate chips.

So minus three to see chocolate, uh, so nice to be there. They're fantastic. See, now this is great. The reason why I love this website is because again, a lot of the necessary ingredients for baking or even making anything were already in the system. So it makes it super simple. You simply just scroll through and find it. I mean, they even have brand names like Ghirardelli. That's why I love this website so much. So let's go in, add the semi suites. Fantastic. Now let's scroll down. Now we have all of the ingredients we need. Okay. This is the fun part because you get to determine, let's see cup, cup, cup, cup, cup. There it is. Okay. But this actually has half a cup of chips. So we did that. Okay, bingo. Now you've got all of the ingredients for your recipe once you type it in.

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So you're going to have it all listed here. So the amount of grams is total three, 634 total. So let's go down here. Now. Now we have to determine the package size. For instance, when you look at a nutritional label and it says a serving size is going to be, let's say two cookies out of 24. So this actual recipe makes 24 chocolate chip cookies. So my survey and is going to be an estimated about normally the average person just eats two cookies. Okay. You may eat more, eat less, but two cookies. And for the example purposes, I'll put that on here.

All right. So how many servings I've got here? 24. Okay. Serving size suggested serving size to inter. Now, as I do this, look at over here, this is actually going to show you how many servings per package. So you're going to have 12 hit enter. There we go. So now with two cookies, 24, this makes the pallets is the package make, so the recipe itself, you need to actually figure out how many servings that makes. So this has 24 actual, um, cookies in there and per serving that you suggest to, and then over here, you've got, how many, how many servings per package now the weight of the package is let's see in grams. That's going to be, let's check out the grams. 634.

Alright. So on the top here, let's make sure there we go. Alright, perfect. So how many packages does this make? This makes one full package. And I apologize, actually, I got those two columns mixed up. It makes one package because I sell 24 of the cookies to a customer. Right? So if I go and makes one complete full package and each serving size is two, and then over here, you determine how many servings in each packaging. So obviously if you make 24 and you divide it by two, you've got 12 servings recipe, name, chocolate chip cookies. Okay. So now look over here. Let me show you this. Bingo shows you everything you need, you got 12 servings, right? You have serving size two cookies. So for each cookie, based upon the recipe, this is all the nutritional information that's been determined, right? So now let's go to, um, set the ingredient statement and they have it either in English or in French.

And of course, we'll just use English. Now this goes through and shows all the ingredients that's going to be there. And then scroll down. This is going to show you ingredients statement, preview. So that's actually going to be the list of ingredients, which technically you have to have on your label. Okay? That's everything that we have in there. So now let's view the nutritional label. Check this out, guys. This is awesome. So this will actually show on chocolate chip cookies will show on the label as well. Nutritional information, all the facts. And where are the ingredients right here? You're all set. And all you hear is allergen. He have some milk, add that to it, egg. Um, I do tree nuts because in our facility we actually deal with tree nuts. So I put that on there. Um, and we deal with all of these.

So, and then peanuts, and then soybeans, we have all this stuff in our facility cause we have snacks and baked goods and things. So there you go. So now down below, it shows you there, everything you need to do, all the information that's included. And then you simply download this onto the file and you can put your business name in there. You can say the label as a PDF, which would allow you then to simply add it to your label that you're printing. And you're all set to go. Very, very simple guys, very simple. And of course, as you add custom ingredients and such, I'll do a couple more tutorials about how to use some of the other features. This is a real basic understanding of how this works and it gives you a complete. Now let me show you this really quick label style you can do verified.

Um, let me show you, where is the, so here it is. I'm sorry. Label type. That's what I want to show you. So now there are three different types that you can actually take a look at. And let me show you though, there's a multitude here. Three of them that I would suggest to use. I'll get one of them. You can do linear. Look at this. So this right here is your label. So if you have a smaller package and it's more a horizontal instead of vertical, boom, you got it. You can do the tabular. Look at this one. This is a different style as well or the original default. And that's it very, very simple. So again, Check down in the description for that link, get yourself a sample and try it before you buy it. Of course they have some free samples. You can actually create a sample. I believe it's one label. If I'm not mistaken, uh, and they take a look at it. So I hope that helps guys, if you have questions about this, let me know down below and um, best of luck. I hope this helps you out a lot. Okay?

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