How Much Does it Cost to Run a Food Truck Monthly

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Costs of food, kitchen, and related supplies range from $3000 to $9,000

Now it's time to think about the most important aspect of all: the meal. To begin, conduct market research to determine your first month's (30-day) inventory expenditures. Examine the regions you wish to serve and see how many orders other food trucks are receiving. Inventory alone might cost tens of thousands of dollars every month after your company is well established.

You'll have to consider food preparation and storage costs in addition to food inventory costs. Many use a commissary kitchen, which is a shared commercial cooking space where numerous mobile food vendors prepare food orders and store crucial ingredients.

In most California cities, this service will set you back more than $1,000 each month. Finally, you'll need to get smallware (pots, pans, spatulas) and serveware (plates, bowls, eating utensils, napkins, etc.) before opening day.

Software for point of sale (POS) and other technological investments ranging from $1,000 to $3,000

While cash registers were sufficient in the early days of food trucks, failing to invest in a mobile POS system can cause your business to fail before it even gets off the ground. Card payments have surpassed cash payments in the United States for nearly a decade, and with the growing use of mobile wallets, we are coming closer to a cashless society than ever before.

A food truck POS system, on the other hand, does much more than accept a variety of modern payment methods. It manages orders in the kitchen, allows for online ordering, and enables for the creation of client loyalty programs. During busy periods, servers can even leave the truck and cut wait times by accepting orders from within the line using a handheld POS system.

Following that, you'll need to invest in further technological solutions like accounting software, a professional website, an app with ordering capabilities, a business mobile phone, Wi-Fi network connection, and payment gear.

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