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So, how much do food truck workers get paid each hour? So, in this video, I'm really thrilled to show you the top ten highest-paying cities for food truck employees in the United States. We've done a lot of food truck videos on Marketing Food Online to show you how to start a food truck as an owner or if you're starting one from scratch, but we've never gone into detail about how much food truck employees make per hour or how much their hourly salaries are. And, if you're interested in managing a food truck, how much does a food truck manager make?

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These are really fascinating questions, because you'd be surprised to learn how much these occupations pay each hour. I'll also go through the top ten cities in the United States right now. All good, welcome back. Damian from Marketing Food Online is calling. So, we're going to dig into some numbers and figures to show you how much the top ten cities in the United States pay food truck workers.

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This is the first time we've done a video like this. As I indicated in the opening about how to establish a food truck business and be the owner, we do a lot of them. But you'll always need some kind of staff, and you'll always need to hire some employees, but no one ever inquires about their hourly wage. What cities have the highest pay for food truck workers? Now, before we get started, welcome to Marketing Food Online, and in this episode, I'm really happy to go into what they make in an hour and give you some ideas. You might be surprised, but if you want to start a food truck, one of the best ways to do so before buying, managing, and being responsible for the entire truck as an owner is to work as an employee for a while.

"starting a food truck with NO experience"

This will allow you to get your feet wet and understand the ins and outs of how it works on a day-to-day basis before taking the plunge. And I'm aware that many food truck entrepreneurs began their careers as employees of food trucks. But we're really interested in learning about the pay scale for food truck managers. What does the guy who manages it, who doesn't own it, make, and what do the employees make, maybe as a sous chef or an assistant chef on the food truck, how much money do they make? So, in this video, we'll have a look at it. So, starting at number 10, we'll work our way up to number one. In fact, you'd be shocked at the first and second places.

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You'll be astonished at how much those hourly wages are when we get there. The first is New York, New York, which is located in New York City. In New York, a food truck and employee's actual end-of-year salary is $31,500. These are averages based on the types of jobs listed for these roles, as well as the average pay for these employment in the food truck business. And that's how we're going to accomplish it. That works out to $15 and 11 cents per hour. Living in New York, I've never lived in New York, but I am aware that it is a very costly city to live in. It is not a large sum of money to earn $15 and 11 cents every hour. But, once again, this has been a fantastic experience.

 "What Food Trucks are Most Successful"

And I'd perform this kind of work as a side gig, almost like a side hustle, if you want to call it that, since I wouldn't be able to maintain a family exclusively on this position, which pays $15 and 11 cents an hour in New York City. So, number nine, Vacaville, California, comes in at $31,600 a year, or roughly $15 and 23 cents per hour, if I say it correctly. And the food truck industry, as well as the food truck business, is one of the largest in California. If my memory serves me well, California has more registered food truck businesses than any other state.


However, California is clearly one of the United States' largest physical landmass states. That could be incorrect. Maybe number two or number one, but they have a large population of individuals who clearly enjoy going to the beach and attending outdoor events. It's a huge state with a lot of possibilities. As a result, this is one of them. Let me simply go over the list one by one. There are a handful of them scattered across California, and the price continues to rise. So the eighth place is Ketchikan, Alaska.


I hope I spelled that correctly. $31,800. Surprisingly, Alaska comes in at number eight on the list. I had no idea Alaska had a food truck scene, but apparently it does. They do, in fact, make the top ten list, with an average wage of $15 and 29 cents per hour, which is comparable to what a food truck worker in Alaska earns. Dickinson, North Dakota is the next one, at number seven. North Dakota, on the other hand, is a fascinating state. North Dakota is a state that I've visited. I've been to North Dakota. We used to go across North Dakota while I lived in Montana.


North Dakota is a huge state, but it does boast a thriving food truck industry that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. They cost $32,000, which works out to around $15 and 35 cents per hour in North Dakota for a food truck employee. Arlington, Virginia, ranks sixth with $32,100 in compensation, which corresponds to around $15 and 44 cents per hour for a food truck employee. Virginia, on the other hand, has had quite a bit of time. Even in Arlington, we went a little deeper to learn more about their food truck culture, and it turns out that they've had one for a few years that has gotten a lot of traction. And now that we've passed 2020 and are returning to some semblance of routine, their food truck scene has exploded.


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So, if you live in Arlington, Virginia, and want to work as a food truck driver, that's roughly how much you'll be paid each hour, which isn't bad. Again, I'd recommend doing this as a side hustle. This isn't something I'd rely on exclusively. Okay, number five, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is ranked fifth with a yearly salary of $32,300. You are paid $15.53 per hour. So you're earning little about $16 per hour. And the compensation isn't all that horrible, either. But, again, this is something you'd do on weekends or as a supplement to your monthly income, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's rather good for doing that kind of work. Manhattan, New York, is number four. Yes, New York appears twice on our list, and Manhattan, of course, is an extraordinarily expensive location to live if you are fortunate enough to call it home. However, if you work in Manhattan but live outside of it, your annual salary will be $32,700, or roughly $15 and 70 cents per hour.


So, if you're wanting to work as a food truck driver in Manhattan, you're probably looking at the higher end of the pay spectrum per hour. But, once again, something part-time that you might perform as a side hustle to earn the experience we discussed earlier. Williston, North Dakota is ranked third. Yes, North Dakota appears on our list twice. And the cost of living in this town, precisely in this neighborhood, is $32,800 per year. That works out to roughly $16 per hour. It pays $15.75 to $15.77 per hour, which is actually rather good for that type of employment. It'll come in handy later on when you want to start your own food truck.


So, in Williston, North Dakota, the wage for a food truck manager is over $16 per hour. Actually, that's a fairly good sum of money. It's not horrible at all. The second. The state that appears three times on the list is number two and one, respectively. Santa Rosa, California is ranked second. That works up to about $33,300 per year, or $16 and 3 cents per hour, on average for a fruit truck worker. So that's not awful either, but some of these areas in California have a better quality of living, so it might be a little bit more difficult to make ends meet there. However, the experience itself is well worth it.


So, let's start with number one. So, out of the top ten highest-paying cities for food truck jobs, what is the number one city? Try to figure out where that is. I'll just give you a second. Sunnyvale, California, to be exact. With a yearly salary of just over $35,000, Sunnyvale, California is at the top of the list. This isn't for the owners of food trucks. This is for the sole use of the employee. In Sunnyvale, California, they make about $18 an hour on average. As a result, they are ranked first in our top ten list. So, if you're considering cities, you have the choice to relocate there. If you move to Sunnyvale, you will have one of the highest paying employee positions in the food truck industry, and it ranks first on our list of the top 10 cities with the highest earning food truck salaries.

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So, at about $17 and 20 cents per hour, almost hitting the $18 mark, that's a wonderful wage for an employee. Of course, this could be due to the fact that California is ranked three times in our top ten, as I noted when I initially started the list at number nine. Because there are so many events and California is so large, food truck employees have a lot of opportunity to make really good money doing it because they are so successful. California is home to a slew of six-figure and seven-figure food truck enterprises. So there you have it if you're looking for the top ten. If you have any questions regarding our top ten list, or if you live in one of the cities or states that made the cut, please leave a comment below. And we'll be grateful for any feedback you may provide. And, as I indicated at the outset, if you want to start a food truck, these are actually wonderful things to do before committing to owning and operating a food truck business. Now you have a general notion.

 "How to Start a Food Truck For Beginners"

And the average food truck employee in the United States earns between $27,000 and $30,000 per year, to recap some of our findings while researching this film. So, as a side job, that's actually not awful. I don't believe you could support a family on those wages, but if you're young, in your teens, twenties, or mid-twenties, and want to gain experience working for nearly $18 an hour in Sunnyvale, California, doing a job you enjoy, and eventually want to own one, working for a food truck would be the route to take.


As a result, I appreciate your attention. If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. I'll see you in our next video and podcast. Look for us in the descriptions section. We have over a dozen different podcasts available to help you find the service you're looking for. And you may listen to us while you're on the go. Then we'll meet again. 

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