How to start a Spice Business Online

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How to start a seasoning business?


Is it possible to create your own seasoning business? Of course, there are a variety of great business ideas you can have in the food industry, and a seasoning business is really good. It allows you to try out new things and explore new ideas. Plus, you can always try out something new to grab customer attention, and this is a very good option to pursue all the time.

Figure out the type of seasonings you want to prepare

You need to go through cookbooks, see the type of seasonings are needed for recipes and then see if you can prepare them. Once you do that, you must figure out how to prepare them at a high scale level. That means figuring out the products that you want and making sure that you’re always getting the very best value and experience on the market. It will help a lot, since you will know what you can prepare and what tools you need in order to prepare more complex stuff, which is always helpful to keep in mind.

Understanding the legal system for seasoning businesses


When you prepare seasonings, you must research the FDA, local health board and state requirements. That means you need to know the packaging, storage and preparation requirements. If you prepare your seasonings at home, you don’t need an FDA approval. However, you do want to know the FDA requirements for every ingredient you use and how you are allowed to label everything here. In Washington you will need a food processor license for example. In Michigan you can process the seasonings at home under the Cottage Food Law. But if you sell in retail stores or online and have more than $25k in revenue, then you will need legal approval.


Private label seasoning

A good idea is to work closely with facilities that already have approval and all the legal requirements. The great thing here is that they do the work for you, and you only sell those seasonings. You will have to pay for a private label license, but it’s actually a very good option and it helps you save time and money.

Promoting your seasoning business

Need food product logo ?

Ideally, you want to start creating a website for your business. You want to invest in SEO and Google Ads at first. We also recommend you selling on eBay or Amazon, as these are large marketplaces with a very good return on investment. It’s also a good idea to prepare some free samples for influencers, some giveaways and deals to make your product stand out.


We recommend you to give it a try and create your own seasoning business right away. It will help you a lot, and it will be able to convey those results and value you always wanted. Yes, it does take a bit of a trial and error to prepare everything, but the potential can be amazing. That’s what matters, to learn how to establish your own business, and the return on investment can be really impressive.

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