How to start a Successful Food truck Series : Have a Restaurant?

Posted by Damian Roberti on

So this is one of the best things about the restaurant owner and the passion to start a food truck. You can in some states and cities use the restaurant as a production point for the food truck! 

If you already own a restaurant and if your local laws allow it you can operate the "commissary" for your food truck from there. This does several things it can allow you to use the existing storage space in coolers and freezers to supply your food truck! Some of your staff can cross-train and assist in the food prep for your food truck. 

Cross-train so all staff can assist in the running and even production of food for both. 

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Many of the menus items you may be serving on the truck will be similar or the same for the food truck. 

Also, the ability to store and park your truck on your property will eliminate the need to store the truck at a further location. This is great when filling the daily food supplies and all other food supplies needed to run the day!


When it comes to the menu for the food truck make sure you keep within the food items you serve at the restaurant. This will allow you to tap existing ingredients without the need for MORE to keep on hand.